Show #5, 29/12/2010

I hope everyone had a most excellent Christmas break and did their bit to keep the local economy going when the shops (finally) opened.

Although we try to offer our listener(s) a variety of topics each week, Chrissy and I went for a sort of “script”y type theme this week. What attracts actors and crew to a script? Devoting anything to film is a labour of love and people don’t make those decisions lightly. We played a little from a discussion with Rachel Griffiths about what makes her pick some scripts over others. She is lovely.

We mentioned the new Adelaide Studio development in passing as well – now that Mike Rann, with his fetching new moustache, donned his hard hat and posed in front of the scaffolding giving us some political spin. It’s an exciting new prospect for the state’s film industry, but there are other factors to consider too. The Glenside estate has long been a political bartering ground and if you have an opinion about it please send me an email because I’d love to read it. Mike Rann is right though – those buildings are awfully stately ❤

Will get some podcast shiznat happening soon.

“Lotion” – Greenskeepers
“Lost In Adelaide” – Spiderbait
“The Only Way” – Karnivool feat. Gotye
“Taken For Granted” – Sia
“Let Me Dope You” – Childish Gambino
“Tuff” – J.G. Thirlwell
“Runaway” – Kanye West

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