Show #6, 4/1/2011

Ah, my very first show jockeying those disks. A few little mistakes but I think it went okay! Thank you for everyone who listened. It’s so hard to get listener demographics and the like on community radio so please don’t hesitate to contact us in anyway and tell us what you think – like “Toby” who called while I was in the studio tonight. Cheers for your kind words, dude.

Chrissy was away on a well deserved break so it was just me and one of our newly minted producers, Andrew Steadman, who is going to be helping us out every now and then.  We were lucky enough to get a very talented young makeup artist into the studio for a chat. Hannah Sinkinson recently graduated from Adelaide’s own Media Makeup and is now employed at Network Ten as the nightly news makeup artist. She’s also dabbled in some short films, applying sweat, blood and blush to local productions and in a couple of months will be heading to Los Angeles for work experience. I’ll get her interview up here in a couple of days so you can check it out if you missed it live to air.

Our “Rant of the Week” was from “Saw” writer, Leigh Whannell, who spoke about how people reacted when they found out that he got funding from America rather than Australia for his debut feature. What’s really interesting about what he talks about is the whole branding issue of the government film bodies.  “Got a horror script? Bring it to us! We’re not elitists” – I think the most important thing here is the term “elitists”. That’s the branding issue right there. It may not be the case but it’s a perception issue.

Radiohead topped the night if only because I find Thom Yorke’s whine to be relaxing. The video for Karma Police is also a thing of beauty (directed by Jonathan Glazer who also did “Virtual Insanity” for Jamiroquai).  A little bit of Caleb Kane made the mix because he was the singing voice for Disney’s Aladdin and wasn’t he just the most adorable animated diamond in the rough. I’m also going to write to Jon Favreau to see if he’ll put The Cardigan’s cover of Iron Man in the next movie because I want to see Robert Downey Jr “waltz” to it, ahem. Will Smith finally made the grade for my segment “rapper slash actor”. I am not ashamed to say that this was taken from my personal collection. Does anyone remember the Arnotts commercial from the mid 90’s that had biscuits dancing to “boom!”? I feel like I imagined it.

“Karma Police” – Radiohead
“Belter” – Powderfinger
“Out There” – Caleb Kane
“Tron Legacy Main Titles” – Daft Punk
“Iron Man” – The Cardigans
“Boom! Shake The Room” – Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince
“Perfection” – Clint Mansell

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