Show #9, 26/1/2011

Oh, Australia Day, how you exhaust me. Dehydrated, sunburnt and yearning for bed … I’ll make this quick.

Oscar noms! There’s been media coverage of the three Australian actors who are nominated this year – Geoffery Rush, Nicole Kidman and Jacki Weaver – but let’s not forget that Adelaide special effects company, Rising Sun Pictures helped “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One” score their best special effects nomination.

BigPond Adelaide Film Festival is coming up soon (24 Feb – 6 March) and it’s set to be a chocka block program. You can check out the full schedule when it’s released this Friday.

Julian Assange is set to be the subject of the next big Oscar-bait biopic. I’m intrigued.

The Media Resource Centre have announced new workshops they will be holding in the next few months. Definitely worth a look if you’re keen to get some hands on training.

Have you noticed a facebook theme with the links? Be sure to check out ours 😉 Get into it, son!

“Buy Me A Pony” – Spiderbait
“Hurting Me Now” – Sia
“Mississippi Noir” – J.G.Thirlwell
“Mad World” – The Red Paintings
“Speed Racer” – Michael Giacchino
“Gold Canary” – Cloud Control
“Hearts A Mess” – Gotye feat. Dlake
“Twin Sisters” – The Panics
“Home” – Skunkhour


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