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Show #10, 2/2/2011

The BigPond Adelaide Film Festival (let’s just call it BAFF) had its program launch on Friday and, boy, it looks like it’s going to be a packed few months. On the show tonight we talked about a few of the great FREE forums and discussions that are being held as a part of BAFF.

We also heard from some of the cast from “Sanctum”, produced by James Cameron but filmed in Queensland with a largely Australian cast. Ioan Gruffudd and Alice Parkinson spoke about the panic and anxiety they felt filming some of the underwater scenes – some serious method acting there.

I enjoyed playing a bit of the Zimmer-man because I love his work. That track is actually my message tone. Huzzah.

“I Never Woke Up In Handcuffs Before” – Hans Zimmer
“I Just Dropped In (Too See What Condition My Condition Was In)” – Kenny Rogers and the First Edition
“In the House – In a Heartbeat” – John Murphy
“This Mess” – Wolf and Cub
“The Hounds” – The Protomen
“Gamble Everything For Love” – Ben Lee
“From The Deep” – Midnight Juggernauts