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Show 1.9, “Live and Alive”

This was our first ever FULLY live show. That’s right, all content came from live to air elements. It was a fly by the seat of your pants kind of show and we kinda liked it.

We introduced new film correspondent, Callum Leaney. Callum is 12 years old and loves movies. He gave us his review of Paul and a rundown as to why he thinks it worked.

Film news was a bit scant from our three day week but we did discover that a 3D feature length Blinky Bill movie is in the works! Extraordinary!

Miles Rowland is a bit of a local super star when it comes to film production. He started out filming live dental procedures (!!) while studying commerce at the University of Adelaide and has recently just finished on the set of Dario Russo’s Danger 5 as a focus puller. He gives us explains the technicalities of a time lapse shoot, what exactly a focus puller does and gives us our Rant of the Week (another positive rant!).
Miles Rowland

James Yong is an upcoming filmmaker. He’s travelled the world, filming along the way, and just got back from an exchange at a film school in California. He spoke to us about his passion for documentaries and world changing cinema.
James Yong

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“The Village Green Preservation Society” – The Kinks, from Hot Fuzz (2007)
“Hip Hop Be Bop (Don’t Stop)” – Man Parrish, from Shaun of the Dead (2004)
“Hey, Hey, Blinky Bill (Season One Theme)” by Unknown, from TV’s The Adventures fo Blinky Bill (1993)
“Stand by Me” by Inspiration, from Playing for Change (2002)
“Mister Mental” by Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster, from Shaun of the Dead (2004)

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Show 1.8, “Nostalgia Hour”

We picked up some great soundtrack requests from our Facebook page. If you want to send us into a wonder-filled nostalgia coma please comment and suggest more. I’m going to convince Chrissy to let me play some 90s Disney cartoon themes in future shows. Anything is possible.

“The Burger Joint” is a script written by Ben Mylius and is soon to be directed by Amy Killin. It’s a heist film with a Tarantino vibe. Supported by the Got Genre initiative and the MRC, these two are getting together to make this low budget film. We will hopefully track the progress of “The Burger Joint” from the pre production right through to post. We started off by asking Ben to tell us how the script came about.
Ben Mylius and Amy Killin Part One

Ben Mylius and Amy Killin Part Two

Our Rant of the Week ™ goes to Leon Ford and if you’ve been following the show recently you know he gave us an indepth interview about the creation process of his film Griff the Invisible and some of his upcoming projects. He gave us a very positive rant! Don’t start ringing the death knells of the industry just yet.
Leon Ford – Rant of the Week

Septimus Caton is not an Autobot. He’s a member of Sydney band Kids at Risk who worked on much of the music for Griff the Invisible. We asked him how he got involved in the film and a little bit about the music video that ties into the film.
Sep Caton from Kids At Risk

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“I Just Can’t Wait To Be King” – vocals by Jason Weaver, music by Elton John, lyrics by Tim Rice, from The Lion King (1994)
“Woo Hoo” – The’s, from Kill Bill Vol 1 (2003)
“Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)” – Nancy Sinatra, from Kill Bill Vol 1 (2003)
“Audience” – Cold War Kids
“Round The Twist Theme” – vocals by Tamsin West, music by Andrew Duffield, from TV’s Round The Twist (1989-2001)
“Watching You” – Kids At Risk, from Griff The Invisible (2011)
“Main Title” – Trevor Jones and Randy Edelman, from Last of the Mohicans (1992)
“Dead Already” – Thomas Newman, from American Beauty (1999)

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Show 1.7, “Redux”

We had such a compact show last week that we couldn’t fit in all the interviews. So this show is a little bit of a sequel. Or a Part Two. Let’s call is “Behind the Screens again”, or “Behind the Screens Forever” and dash the hopes for any more installments. I jest. No bat nipples here, folks.

The final deadline for Scriptapalooza and Raw Nerve submissions is April 18 which is this Monday! It may be a bit late to start a script but if you’ve already written something why not submit it. Got to be in it to win it.

The South Australian Screen Award nominations were announced this week. We’ll hopefully get some of the nominees on the show to talk about their films. The Mercury Cinema usually runs a “Best Of” screening at some point before the Awards night (May 13) so people get a chance to see some of the fantastic films that have been nominated. We’ll keep you informed.

Two Australian feature films have been selected for screening at Festival de Cannes 2011 (or the Cannes Film Festival for us laymans). First time director Julia Leigh’s Sleeping Beauty has been selected for Competition and Ivan Sen‘s Toomelah will be a part of the Un Certain Regard program, which is for films that “have an original aim and aesthetic”. The short film selections will be announced on Monday April 18.

Peter Jackson, director of The Lord of the Rings trilogy, has started filming the prequel, The Hobbit, in New Zealand this month. While I think this is newsworthy on its own (I may or may not have been the owner of a Hobbit-sized Frodo cardboard cutout at some point in my life) what’s interesting about this is that he’s chosen to film at a high frame rate – 48 frames per second (fps) rather than the standard 24fps. It will make for a more realistic experience by minimising blur and strobing but for a wonderful dissertation on the whole matter check out Jackson’s facebook page – he’s blogging in the “note” section, as well keeping in depth video blogs.

Writer/Director Leon Ford spoke to us last week about the development process of his film, Griff the Invisible and today he expands on that a little bit more and talks about his next project that he wrote while in Amsterdam.
Leon Ford, Part 3

Our Rant of the Week goes to Andrew C. Morgan, director of short film The Skellys. He impressed us with actually researching our show and anticipated we were going to ask him for a rant so he was extra prepared! It initially started out as a question about what he would make on a limitless budget and it went from there..
Rant of the Week – Andrew C. Morgan

Kelly Carpenter had two films screening in this week’s Shorts Film Festival. BOTH won the Audience Choice award for the nights they were on. And she wants to stay in Adelaide to make films. She’s a keeper!
Kelly Carpenter

Congratulations to Ian who won a double pass to Potiche, opening on April 21.

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“Concerning Hobbits” – Howard Shore, from Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Rings (2001)
“Sugar” – Kids At Risk
“White Dove” – Tijuana Cartel
“Best Drug” – Blow Up Betty, from Talk Derby To Me (2008)
“Perfect Day” – Lou Reed, from Trainspotting (1996)
“Red Right Ankle” – The Decemberists

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