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Show 1.6, “The Invisible Man, Get Short(s)y and how to BlowUp your career”

I should not be allowed to make blog titles while I’m sleep deprived (i.e. all the time).

Leon Ford made a name for himself as an actor (check out his filmography) while writing and directing short films on the side. His debut feature film, Griff the Invisible, screened at the BigPond Adelaide Film Festival and opened nationally a few weeks ago. He spoke to us about the evolution of the story and the production process. You can hear about his next project in the coming weeks. Keep an ear out!
Leon Ford (Griff the Invisible), Part 1

Leon Ford (Griff the Invisible), Part 2

The Shorts Film Festival opens tonight at Norwood Concert Hall. The festival has come a long way since its humble beginnings eight years ago. Now an annual event, Shorts screens 60 films (National and International) over a week. Eddie White, who is on the Board of Festival Directors, spoke to me about his role and the range of films that will be screening this week. Adelaide director Kelly Carpenter (who has two films in the festival – Concealed and Pleased to Meat You: Live with Sandra Faye) and Andrew C. Morgan, director of The Skellys gave us a run down of their films. We’ll be playing more from these interviews in coming shows.
Shorts Film Festival (Eddie, Kelly and Andrew)

Louise Pascale from MRC dropped into the studio to give us some details about upcoming initiatives, including Raw Nerve, Clip It and more!
Louise Pascale (Raw Nerve)

A big thank you to those who called in for our movie ticket giveaway. We love to know people are listening.

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“Poor Atlas” – Dessa
“Paris (Ooh La La)” – Grace Potter and the Nocturnals
“Something That I Want” – Grace Potter, from Tangled (2010)
“Doing The Best That We Can” – Kids At Risk, from Griff the Invisible (2011)
“Melodies and Desires” – Lykke Li, from Griff the Invisible (2011)

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Show 1.5, “French Chic and Austalian ‘Porkies'”

Still so many film festivals happening. It’s an endless fiesta of excitement. Right now both the Alliance Française French Film Festival and Windows on Europe Film Festival are screening AND the Shorts Film Festival opens on April 9.

If all these films are making you itchy with desire (I heard it’s a thing) to make your own there are some helpful workshops coming up. In a joined venture by the Shorts Film Festival and the Australian Writers’ Guild, a writers masterclass presented by Karel Segers on April 16. One of the biggest issues that gets raised on our show is that Australia has so much talent but is maybe not marketing our films the right way. This workshop is all about learning to sell your screen concept and connecting with audiences. Crucial for any film.

MRC are holding a FREE seminar on April 13 all about the fundamentals of animation production in support of their animation initiative that will be running again this year. Also a great chance to talk to some like-minded people and make connections. Follow the links for more information.

The Alliance Française French Film Festival opened at Palace Nova Cinemas on March 23. The festival – now in its 22nd year, is bigger than ever, running for 19 days. This is the largest foreign film festival in Australia, and the main French cultural event in Australia. Catherine Zengerer, from Breakfast, spoke to Director of the Alliance Française French Film Festival, Philippe Marsé, and he gave the low down of the festival and some of the great films that will be screening (including some ‘orror). You can download and stream the audio at the Radio Adelaide Breakfast wordpress.

Our weekly rant segment called “Rant of the Week” (we stretched ourselves coming up with that title) goes to writer/director Matt Jenkin. Matt was on the show last week talking about his latest short film, Family Values, and while I had him on the phone I asked him for his take on the rant and if he could break down some of the issues for us. He brought up some interesting points involving distribution and how sometimes films are perceived as unsuccessful when that may not be the case.
Rant of the Week – Matt Jenkin

Philip Elms has done a little bit of everything in his life. Starting out making home movies, he’s written and directed his own short films, worked in TV (with a tense first gig involving Bob Hawke), was production manager on darling of the local film industry 2:37 and now teachers video production while having his own commercial video business. He spoke to Chrissy and me on air about his long and varied career and gave some advice to those starting out. (The second half of this entry title can be explained in the interview..)
Philip Elms

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“La valse des Monstres” – Yann Tiersen, from Amelie (2001)
“Ta Dolouer” – Camille
“Let Go” – Frou Frou, from Garden State (2004)
“Society” – Eddie Vedder, from Into the Wild (2007)
“Throw Your Arms Around Me” – Neil Finn
“Search and Destroy” – Skunk Anansie, from Sucker Punch (2011)

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