Show 1.13, “Local Documentaries Go Large”

Adelaide production company Kojo Pictures are in the filming stages of a government commissioned documentary about local scientist Frank Fenner, who passed away late last year.

The director Richard Jasek made a name for himself in TV drama, including McLeod’s Daughters, Blue Heelers and Stingers (just to name a few). I went on the set and asked Richard about his career.
Download: Richard Jasek

The documentary will use various techniques, interviews, CGI, archival footage, to tell the story. Reenactment will play a large part of constructing the narrative, with theatre, cabaret and film actress Eileen Darley playing Frank’s mother, Peg. I sat down with Eileen during her lunch break to ask her a few questions.
Download: Eileen Darley

Daniel Scharf‘s producer credits include cult classic Romper Stomper and TV’s The Wedge. He’s now one of the judges and the co-curator of DigiSPAA, an independent digital film competition run by the Screen Producers Association of Australia. Chrissy asked Daniel to explain a bit about the competition, how digital technology has changed film and the importance of our non funded film sector. In the second half, she asks him how he thinks the industry has changed in the last 20 years.
Download: Daniel Scharf part one

Download: Daniel Scharf part two

Emmy award winning Australian Rob George screened his documentary Trapped at the Clare Valley Film Festival earlier in the year. Trapped follows a Sudanese family living in Melbourne and their journey back to Sudan. He talked about this with Chrissy and Radio Adelaide station manager Deb Welch during our live broadcast from the Blyth community hall.
Download: Rob George

Download Show 1.13

“How Do I Deal” – Jennifer Love Hewitt, from I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997)
“Shanty for the Arethusa” – The Decemberists
“Buttons” – Sia
“Waterloo” – ABBA, from Muriel’s Wedding (1994)

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