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Show 1.14, “Guerrilla Filmmaking”

Chrissy had her solo turn today while I was the Directing for Short Film workshops at the MRC. I had a blast and I’ll talk a little bit about it in the next show.

It’s not often that a privately funded feature film gets an overseas distribution deal let alone makes its money back. Local indie filmmaker Andrei Gostin may be one of those exceptions. He was one of three producers who behind SA made Carmilla Hyde (2010), written and directed by Dave de Vries. It’s collected a whole bouquet of laurels from all over the world and all with a budget of 16 thousand dollars.
Download:Andrei Gostin

We spoke to low budget filmmaker Mandy Kuelen back in March for the Clare Valley Film Festival when we were broadcasting live from the Blyth Community Hall. Mandy came in first place last year in the 24 Hour Film Challenge and he short film Turnstiles was screening in the “home grown” category at the festival.
Download: Mandy Keulen at the Claire Valley Film Festival

Download Show 1.14

“Venus As A Boy” – Bjork, from Leon: The Professional (1994)
“Love Is A Heavy Word” – The Violent Soho
“Feel It” – The Little Stevies
“My Devils” – The Sun Orchestra
“Home” – She & Him

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