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Show 1.22 “Wolf Creek, Big Mamma’s Boy and an Iranian Film Festival”

Starting out in the bad old days of the SAFC on a producers internship, David Lightfoot has been working in film both internationally and locally for the last 30 years on a range of projects from art house films with Rolf De Heer, Babe, to producing the Australian horror hit Wolf Creek. We spoke to the man about his extensive career and the work he has been doing with upcoming film makers including the producers and directors of Blame.

Download:David Lightfoot

Rant of the Week is from some of the crew behind Aussie film Big Mamma’s Boy and is our longest to date! That said, if you get two comedians and director in a room and ask them their views on the Australian film industry you are going to come out with gold – silver at the very least. In this we hear from George Kapiniaris, Frank Lotito and Franco di Chiera.

Download: Big Mamma’s Boy – Rant of the Week

Iranian films have been winning internationally acclaimed awards for more than a decade, but in Australia little is known about the Iranian film industry. That’s about to change with the first Iranian Film Festival in Australia set to start on the 4th of August. The director of the festival Anne Demy-Geroe told The Wire’s Carly Nason why she thinks it has taken us so long to catch the Iranian film bug.

Download: Iranian Film Festival

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“Tiny Ruins” – Priest With Baloons
“Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” – Dick Van Dyke, from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (1968)
“Smells like September” – Names
“Wolf Creek Main Theme” – Francois Tetaz, from Wolf Creek (2005)
“Deeper Water” – Minnie Driver

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Show 1.21, “3 Mamma’s Boys and a Lady”

Closer Productions are the Adelaide production company behind Shut Up Little Man!: An Audio Misadventure and Life in Movement – both of which screened at this year’s BigPond Adelaide Film Festival and at festivals all over the world.

Sophie Hyde, co-director of Closer Productions, joined us in the studio to talk about distribution deals, festivals and 52 Tuesdays, their new film endeavour about the journey of a transgendered man.

Download: Sophie Hyde from Closer Productions

Big Mamma’s Boy is the brainchild of Frank Lotito. He wrote it. He produced it. He stars in it. He did, however, hand the directing reins over to Franco di Chiera, making his first transition to features. George Kapiniaris (better known as ‘that annoying RAA guy’ in South Australia) lends his comedic talents in a supporting role. But why let me explain it when these three very talented and funny guys were in the studio to explain it for me!

Download: Big Mamma’s Boy 1

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“Gotta Knock A Little Harder” – Mai Yamane and The Seatbelts, from Cowboy Bebop, TV Series (1998)
“Shut Up Little Man” – The WipeOuters, from Shut Up Little Man: An Audio Misadventure (2011)
“Go My Way” – The Bacon Brothers
“The Real Folk Blues” – Mai Yamane and The Seatbelts, from Cowboy Bebop, TV Series (1998)

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Show 1.20, “Kojo Mojo”
Kojo has been described as the Adelaide film mafia. Maybe because they offer services in all facets of film and media production – content creation, post production studios and even event management. CEO Loewn Steel spoke to us about Kojo’s current state of transition and how they came to be such a powerhouse in SA.
Download: Loewn Steel Part One

Download: Loewn Steel Part Two
One of the subsidiaries of Kojo, Spirit Films, is soon to be bundled up under the Kojo blanket. Their current project with Study Adelaide is a series of short films enticing international students to choose Adelaide to study. Directed by Roh Smith and cinematography by Nima Nabili Rad the short films look at different aspects of Adelaide lifestyle, like AFL and the Central Markets.

Dale Roberts, Director of Content and Post Production, at Spirit Films talks to us about the project and what they do at Spirit. Dale starts off by telling us how his career in film production started which involves one day of university study.
Download: Dale Roberts, Spirit Films

MAPS Film School director, Peter Thurmer, came on the show a few weeks ago to discuss MAPS and while we had him we asked him for a Rant of the Week. He did not disappoint. Cinemas are dying, torrents are thriving, and Australian audiences don’t like Australian films. (And for your linking pleasure, Peter discusses Gabriel (2009).)
Download: Peter Thurmer, Rant of the Week

Download 1.20

“Oh Hai” – MiCrow Jupiter, excerpts taken from The Room (2003)
“Fljótavik” – Sigur Rós
“Search and Destroy” – 30 Seconds To Mars
“Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt” – We Are Scientists
“Relator” – Scarlett Johansson and Pete Yorn
“The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly” – Ennio Morricone, from The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

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