Show 1.19, “Guns, knives and a monkey or two.”

Monkeystack is a 2D/3D visual effects and animation company based in Adelaide. For 6 years now they’ve been working on a range of commercial and creative projects. We spoke to two of the three executive monkeys, Justin Wight and Shane Bevin, about their Incubator program and their new gaming project, Double Happy Vs The Infinite Sadness (Facebookwebsite).
Download: Monkeystack Part One

Download: Monkeystack Part Two

John Coory, armourer. No, he’s not a French romantic, or a character from Harry Potter. He’s an armour-er. If you have guns, knives and general pointy things on your film set then John Coory is that man to see. He’s been involved in many films, both features and shorts, across Australia, including X-Men Origins: Wolverine. John explains his role on set, his talent with ballistics, and the infamous accidental death of Brandon Lee on the set of The Crow and how it could have been avoided.
Download: John Coory

Download show 1.19

“Familiar Love” – William Shatner
“Slow Train” – Pigram Brothers and Alex Lloyd, from Mad Bastards (2010)
“Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)” – Nancy Sinatra

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  1. […] behind-the-screens-160612-katie-powell.mp3 // We also replayed our interview with armourer John Coory. Ever wanted to know who’s behind all the explosions and gun fights on films? John is one of […]

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