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Show 1.38, “Toomelah Boys and Jucy Girls”

"Toomelah" actor Daniel Connors and director Ivan Sen. Source:

Ivan Sen’s debut feature film Beneath Clouds screened at the 2003 Sundance Film Festival, won the Premiere First Movie Award at the 2002 Berlin Film Festival and the 2002 Best Director Award at the Australian Film Institute Awards. Since then he’s written and produced documentaries and shorts and he’s just finished his new feature Toomelah which opens around Australia on November 24.

Ivan joined us on the phone to discuss the film, its acceptance into Cannes and a Western film on his horizon.
Download: Toomelah – Ivan Sen

Louise Alston

Jucy tells the story of a womance of plutonic proportions, as the tagline goes. That’s right, ladies, if guys can have a bromance, we can have a womance.

Director Louise Alton spoke to Chrissy about how the story of Jackie and Lucy (=Jucy) came about.
Download: Jucy – Louise Alton

We host some amazing international film festivals in Adelaide – this week it’s the Mexican Film Festival at the Mercury Cinema.

Radio Adelaide breakfast presenter Tim Brunero asked Paulette Arvizuis, festival producer, about some of the highlights AND why some of these festivals are always ‘adults only’.

Download Show 1.38

“Romeo” by The Honey Pies
“Mellow Brick Road” by Pogo
“Going to the Casino” by Philadelphia Grand Jury, from Jucy (2010)
“Gunpowder” by Mapletons, from Jucy (2010)
Actor Turned Singer: Ryan Gosling with “Werewolf Heart” by Dead Man’s Bones
From the Vault: “Mouth” by Merril Bainbridge

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Show 1.37, “Run For Your Un-Life”

Zombie webseries "Livin' with Steve" (

Zombies are so hot right now. Or they will be. There’s even a zombie romance being made as we speak, starring Adelaide’s own Teresa Palmer.

On the slightly less disturbing side of the spectrum, we have Livin’ With Steve, an animated web series, about the enduring of friendship of man and man’s best friend, who happens to be a zombie.

Project producer Levi George and animator Jarrod Prince came into the studio to talk about their undead creation.
Download: Livin’ With Steve – Levi George and Jarrod Prince

10 Metres - Run for your Life

What would you do if you were drugged and when you woke up found yourself strapped with explosives? Writer and director Rory Noke imagined just that and 10 Metres was born. Shot guerilla style over two weeks in Melbourne, Rory did what he could to get the film made – including having blank decoy tapes on standby if the authorities asked him to hand over his footage.

10 Metres was recently announced as one of four finalist for the DigiSpaa competition which supports low-budge digital feature films.

Rory Noke came in to the studio and producer Michael Clarkin joined us on the phone
Download: 10 Metres – Rory Noke and Michael Clarkin

Jonathan Teplitzky. Photo: The Australian.

Jonathan Teplitzky, writer/director of Burning Man chatted with us last week about his film. At the end of the interview I asked him his views on the Australian film industry for a segment we call “Rant of the Week”. In particular, he focuses on the need find another way of judging the ‘worth’ of Australian films.
Download: Rant of the Week – Jonathan Teplitzky

Download Show 1.37

“The Way I Am” – Marco Beltrami and Buck Sanders, from The Hurt Locker (2008)
“Solar Sailer” – written by Daft Punk and composed by Joseph Trapanese, from Tron: Legacy (2010)
From the Vault: “Danger Zone” – Kenny Loggins, from Top Gun (1986)
“Buzzwing” – Pogo
“Punks” – I Heart Hiroshima, from Jucy (2010)
“Lay Me Down” – The Audreys, from My Year Without Sex (2009)

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Show 1.36, “Burning, Not Waving”

Jonathan Teplitzky and Rebecca Elliott at Radio Adelaide

Burning Man is the latest feature film from director Jonathan Teplitzky. An English chef, played by Matthew Goode, tries to put his life back together after the death of his wife. It’s set on Bondi Beach and suburban Sydney but it’s a universal story about grief, love and acceptance – and humour! Jonathan came into the studios at Radio Adelaide and we spoke about his transition from directing to writing.
Download: Jonathan Teplitzky

Adam Blaiklock and Paul S Friedmann at the Inside Film Awards 2010

Last week we heard from Caught Inside director, Adam Blaiklock, and actor, Ben Oxenbould. We continue the conversation today with Adam and Ben, and producer Paul S Friedmann and discuss how to go about privately funding a feature film.
Download: Caught Inside Part 2

And, how could we resist asking the guys our favourite question that we call our “Rant of the Week” – What do you think of the Australian film industry? Ben was diplomatic (he still needs work, after all), and Adam and Paul talked about how supportive the South Australian Film Corporation has been for them (I didn’t prompt them, I swear)
Download: Rant of the Week – Adam Blaiklock, Ben Oxenbould and Paul S Friedmann


Download Show 1.36

“Nightcall” – Kavinsky feat. Lovefoxx, from Drive (2011)
“A Real Hero” – College feat. Electric Youth, from Drive (2011)
“Skynet Symphonic” – Pogo
From the Vault: “I Make My Own Rules” – LL Cool J with Flea, Dave Navarro and Chad Smith, from Private Parts (1997)
“Turn Me On” – The Grates

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