Saturday Morning Arts

If you only tune into our show on Saturday mornings but we don’t quite satisfy your arts thirst then you should check out the rest of the Radio Adelaide lineup.

9am to 11am: Arts Breakfast with Cath Kenneally. Cath takes over from the legendary Wally Sparrow serving you up some Country Brekky (6am to 9am). Cath is taking a well earned break for the first half of 2012 so the equally lovely Nikki Marcel is taking ovee. Arts Breakfast looks at a broad spectrum of arty subjects: film, theatre, novels, poetry, painters, sculpters and all that other good stuff.
11am to 12pm: Behind the Screens. Some starry eyed ladies talk about TV and movies and stuff.
12pm to 1.30pm: Streetcast is 90 minutes of Adelaide arts madness. Jennie, Nick, Tom and Chris get the lay of the land and will inspire you to get out and see what’s happening in a vibrant little city.

If you’re looking for more film goodness, Reel Time (Wednesdays 10pm), with Kat and Tristan, have reviews, trivia and general film festivities.

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