Show 2.03, “A Wastelander Panda and His Few Best Men”

Director Stephan Elliott. Source: The Daily Telegraph

Stephan Elliott usually writes all the films he directs but he decided for a change of pace for his new film A Few Best Men. Dean Craig, the screenwriter behind Death at a Funeral, penned the script with a British cast in mind but Stephan was adamant he would film his next project in his home country. I asked him about translating the British script to an Australian setting and why he is sick of weddings.

Download: Stephan Elliott Part 2 / Stephan Elliott Part 3

Wastelander Panda Prologue from Epic Films on Vimeo.

And that is the tale of the last remaining panda in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Or at least it’s a taster of the tale. Adelaide production company Epic Films made this prologue to show the world their vision of Arcayus, the Wastelander Panda. The video has struck a chord with thousands of people worldwide with over 90 thousand views in the first five days of uploading. Writer, director and editor Victoria Cocks and producer Kirsty Stark came in to the studio to tell us the origins of the story and how they’re going to make their series. (And just how hot was it for the guy in the panda suit).

If you want to make Wastelander Panda a reality you can donate at their fundraising page and keep up to date via Epic Films facebook page.

Download: Kirsty Stark and Vic Cocks

Download show 2.03

“Kadinchy” – Pogo
“Mickey (Remix) – Olivia Newton John, from A Few Best Men
“It’s Nice To Be Alive” – Ball Park Music
From The Vaults: “The Boys Are Back In Town” – Thin Lizzy, from A Knight’s Tale
“Monkey Dance” – Washington
“You Like It” – 8 Bit Love, from ABC TV show twentysomething

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One thought on “Show 2.03, “A Wastelander Panda and His Few Best Men”

  1. […] over $25 000 and are in the process of filming the next stage of the series. We spoke to writer/director Vic Cocks and producer Kirsty Stark back at the start of the year about their amazing success and we thought it was time to follow up […]

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