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Show 2.11, “World War 2, 2 Ways”

Danger 5 DVD artwork. DVD available from Madman.

Kate Croser is one half of independent production company Cyan Films, based at the South Australian Film Corp. They develop and produce feature films and have built up an impressive catalogue, including last year’s runaway success “Red Dog”. Another hit gracing the small screen is Danger 5, a web series she produced along side creator Dario Russo. Kate came in to talk Danger 5, and how easy was it to sell the concept of a 1960s World War II spy comedy to SBS and the benefits of premiering online before broadcasting.

Download: Kate Croser

CANOPY – feature film trailer for Pozible campaign from Finer Films Australia on Vimeo.

We’ve spoken a bit about filmmakers using crowdfunding to get their short films off the ground but it’s not often you see it as a way to fund a feature film. Producer Katrina Fleming and director Aaron Wilson have done just that with their film Canopy, a Australia-Singapore co-production set in World War II. They joined us on the phone to tell us about the difficult shooting environment and dealing with language barriers on multi national crew.

Download: Katrina Fleming and Aaron Wilson

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“Train Wreck Blues” – The Audreys
“Cough Syrup” – Young The Giant
“Back Of Your Neck” – Howler
“Feeding Line” – Boy & Bear
“Favourite Things” – Lisa McCune from The Sound of Music

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Show 2.10, “Polarising”

Modelling the new Canon 5D Mark III.

“Film is dead”. Controversial but is it true? No one can deny that digital filmmaking is faster and cheaper. Former digital naysayers are throwing away film and seeing the light (or going to the dark side, whichever you like). English director/cinematographer and digital supporter Philip Bloom is in the country to run a DSLR filmmaking workshop (presented by Rode Microphones) alongside Aussie sound recordist Ric Creaser, and I caught up with him after one of the sessions for a chat about digital film, being a director and a DP, and he gave some tips for an emerging filmmaker’s first camera purchase.
Download: Philip Bloom

We’ve mentioned the Raw Nerve initiative a few times before on the show but if you’re still unsure what it’s all about all you need to know that it’s a national initiative to supporting emerging filmmakers in each of the states. We decided to look beyond SA and go west (don’t sing it!).

Director Steven Fleming and producer Emma Vickery won a cut of the 2010 Western Australian Raw Nerve booty through Emma’s script for Polarised. It’s film, finished and screened but now they’re looking for some support to send it to festivals and give it the send off it deserves. We spoke to Steven about the film but also asked him to paint us a picture of what the WA film scene is all about.

You can support Polarised at their Pozible funding page.
Download: Steven Fleming″

Other topics we talk excessively on are the SASA nominations and how wouldn’t it be great if there was an award for Best 1st AD.

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“Pippy Pip” – The Black Seeds
“Keep You Around” – The Harpoons
“Are You Gonna Waste My Time” – Zeus
“Rosebud” – The Jezebels
“Mutual Friends” – We Grow Up
“Into Yer Bones” – Lyla
“Just Dance (live)” – Nile Rodgers, Slash, Eric Benet and Chic

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Show 2.09, “A Dinner Date with Hugo and Woody”

After editing together a few fake trailers for Baz Luhrmann’s Australia back in 2008, Stuart Bowen found himself employed with Bazmark. What a way to get a job! Stuart is now in the post production phase of his first short animated film, Woody. Like many filmmakers these days, he’s looked to crowd funding as a way to make his idea into a reality. We spoke to Stuart to find out all about Woody and the looong process of creating a stop frame animation with puppets.
Download: Stuart Bowen″

Producer Chrissy Kavanagh and Writer/Director Alex Vickery-Howe

We try not to toot our own horn too much on Behind the Screens. We’re here to report cool film happenings and not to get tied up in our own lives. BUT sometimes the two cross. Chrissy has been producing a short film with writer/director Alex Vickery-Howe for quite a few months now and Dinner With Hugo is shot and ready to be edited. So I put on the interviewer hat and Chrissy crosses the floor to interviewee along with Alex as I press them for information – including how their fundraising campaign went (see picture opposite for the sort of bribes they offer) and assembling a crew with a super low budget.
Download: Dinner With Hugo: Chrissy Kavanagh and Alex Vickery-Howe″

Download Show 2.09″

“Come Check Your Head” – Blue King Brown
“When The End Of The World Came” – The Jane Austen Argument
“…” – Leader Cheetah
“It’s Tricky” – Run DMC
From The Vault: “Duel Of The Fates” – John Williams and the London Symphony Orchestra, from The Phantom Menace

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