Show 2.13, “Studios and Stages”

David Lightfoot

South Australian producer David Lightfoot is a man of action. Sick of the predictions of woe about the lack of features being filmed in the state, he’s decided to do something about it.

I spoke to David, on his second appearance on the show, about the American production he’s trying to entice to Adelaide and he also comments on some of the issues of bringing international productions to Australia.
Download: David Lightfoot

We’ve been covering some of the South Australian Screen Awards nominees over the past few weeks and have been quite amazed at the diverse nature of many of the films. Sam Wright, co-producer, of one of the Best Feature nominees, 6 On The Street, is a champion of the local music scene. Documentaries about Adelaide live music are few and far between ( … I can’t think of any) but Sam decided that it’s time to make one. He spoke to us about the concept and the filming of “6 On The Street” and where he’s taking his passion next.

Download: Sam Wright

Behind the Screens 070412

“Murder She Wrote” – Chaka Demus & Pliers, from “Save the Last Dance”
“Stellar” – Incubus
“Merrily” – The Salvadores
“Fight For Your Right” – Beastie Boys
“Why Don’t You Do Right?” – Jessica Rabbit (Amy Irving, Charles Fleischer), from “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” … because of Easter
“Idea of Happiness” – Van She
“Ashes To Ashes” – David Bowie

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