Show 2.29, “Circles, Seniors and Pandas”

Panda and The Bat.

It’s not often the dark knight and an anthropomorphic panda have a photo opportunity but that’s the beauty of AvCon, Adelaide’s anime and video game convention. The story behind this photo (although feel free to make up your own) started last year when the web series Wastelander Panda racked up 90 000 views in the first 5 days of is online life. Since then they’ve successfully crowdfunded over $25 000 and are in the process of filming the next stage of the series. We spoke to writer/director Vic Cocks and producer Kirsty Stark back at the start of the year about their amazing success and we thought it was time to follow up and see where Arcayus, the panda from the wasteland, is now.

Download: Kirsty Stark

Jonathan Brown, creative director of

When Channel 10 came to the decision to axe their morning chat show, The Circle, they defended the choice claiming low audiences and costly production. What are we losing when our commercial channels cancel homegrown content in favour of cheap imports, like Entertainment Tonight and The Insider? Jonathan Brown, media commentator (@JB_AU) and creative director at, had a few things to say on the matter. Is Australian TV in crisis?
Download: Jonathan Brown

The Mercury Cinema’s Seniors on Screen is a film club which allows those over 50 to not only watch new and favourite films, but to take part in the creative process and even try their hand behind the camera. The program includes film screenings, workshops, forums and guest speakers set to run all the way til December.

Radio Adelaide’s Angus Randall spoke to The Mercury Cinema’s Mat Kesting about the upcoming season. You can listen to Angus chatting to Mat Kesting on the Radio Adelaide Breakfast blog.

Download show 2.29″


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