Show 2.35, “A Nightmare on North Terrace”

Bait 3D, image taken from

It’s your average Saturday afternoon, you need to pick up a loaf of bread, some cabbage, you head to the supermarket and goddamnit, there are those sharks again! What do you do? Well Bait 3D is a new Aussie film full of tips for how to handle those sharp-toothed vermin. The film comes out this Thursday and director Kimble Rendall spoke to Rebecca about the movie and what it’s like working in genre film.

Download: Kimble Rendall

Inner Demon, image taken from

For those of you who are already skilled in shark combat then the work of Ursula Dabrowsky may do a better job at giving you a fright. She’s currently working on Inner Demon, a feature film that unlike her self-funded Family Demons is being financed by Film Lab. Rebecca spoke to Ursula about how production is going on Inner Demon and the state of horror film.

Download: Ursula Dabrowsky

This show was chock-full of spooky sounds, with scares around every corner, so just make sure you listen with a light on!

Download Show 3.35


Scooby Step – Pogo
Mexico – The Fearless Vampire Killers
Mack the Knife – King Kurt
When I’m Dead – The Dead Heads
I’m Not Dead – Emperors
Jnr Astronauts – Velociraptor

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