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Show 2.38, “Meat Me In The Studio”

Next time you’re biting into a giant greasy flavourful succulent zesty moist burger, take a moment to ponder where that meat came from. Would you kill the animal yourself? Go so far as to work in an abattoir to truly find out?

That is exactly what local filmmaker Madeleine Parry does in her latest documentary “Meatworks”. The project was funded by Screen Australia and ABC as part of the Opening Shot Initiative and will be shown next month on the ABC. Madeleine spoke to us about the personal challenges she faced while filming this project.

Download: Madeleine Parry

Over the last 12 years Jason Sweeney has worked on a plethora of projects involving digital art, sound installation, experimental film and everything in between. His most recent project “The Dead Speak Back” was made on an extremely low budget as part of the 2010 SA Film Lab initiative. Jason caught up with Rebecca and told us a bit about how he describes himself.

Download: Jason Sweeney

And while not a local project by any means today marks the 50th Anniversairy of James Bond, which prompted the discussion, ‘is it time for another Aussie Bond?’

Download Show 2.38


“Skyfall” – Adele
“Wild Things” – San Cisco
“Army” – Ben Folds
“Let’s Go” – Matt & Kim
“Fingers Never Bleed” – Yeasayer
“Promises” – The Presets

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