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Show 2.45, “Portraits”

ALL THE WAY THROUGH EVENING – Trailer from rohan spong on Vimeo.

Australian independent filmmaker Rohan Spong has made a name for himself as a documentary maker with his piece T is for Teacher in 2009, is in town for the Australian premiere of his new doco All The Way Through Evening, a musical documentary about how the arts community of 1980s New York City was affected by AIDS and the story of the survivors. Rohan came into the studio to tell us how he came across this story.
Download: Rohan Spong

Adelaide Kids Film Festival, in its second year, is being held this weekend at the Palace Nova Eastend Cinemas. Director and founder, Chloe Gardner, ran a successful crowdfunding campaign earlier in the year to make sure the festival can reach its full potential. Jordan caught up with Chloe to ask her about starting your own film festival.
Download: Chloe Gardner

Rosie Tucker and Matt Salleh of Urtext Films love what they do. We spoke to them last year about their involvement in the self funded steampunk film Aurora and now they’re back to discuss their current project, Portrait Mode. Listen to Rosie and Matt talk interviewing across the world and find the extraordinary in the ordinary.
Download: Rosie Tucker and Matt Salleh

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“Jangle” – Gemini Downs
“Nightfall” – PVT
“I Need A Dollar” – Aloe Blacc

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Show 2.44 “The Not So Silent Fanboy”

There are so many challenges to being an independent filmmaker that receiving recognition for your work can certainly go a long way. This week the Screen Producers Association of Australia (SPAA) announced the DigiSPAA feature film competition winner for 2012, Producer Daniel Okoduwa and Director Michael Kang for their film Kemi. The feature focusses on a community of African Immigrants living in Blacktown, NSW, is told through the eyes of the character Kemi and is based on Daniel’s experiences. He spoke to us abotu what it’s like winning the top honours.

Download: Daniel Okoduwa


Adelaide is currently playing host to a range of sci-fi and fantasy icons with the Supernova Pop Culture Expo. One of those is the man behind Torchwood‘s Ianto Jones, Welsh actor and musician Gareth David-Lloyd. He joined us in studio to chat about what it’s like being part of a sci-fi production with such a cult following, as I tried my best to hold in my inner fanboy.

Download: Gareth David-Lloyd


You don’t find many silent movies in the cinemas these days, but until November 26th the Mercury Cinema is playing host to Silent Remasters, which involves old silent films being accompanied by original scores composed here in Adelaide. One film on offer is Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror, and we spoke to Jesse Schuppan who was responsible for composing the music for this remaster.

Download: Jesse Schuppan


And of course if you love what we do here at Behind the Screens and on Radio Adelaide why not become a subscriber? It’s $52 a year or $26 concession and you go in the draw to win a great prize! This month if we get more subscribers than Streetcast we get to use them as our slaves, and let’s face it, who doesn’t want that?! Call us on 08 8313 5000.

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“Trichrome” by Dropframe
“She Makes Her Own Clothes” by Split Seconds
“Frivolous Life” by Yes You
“But It’s You” by How Green
“Lakeside New Apartment Suite” by Mountain Goats
“Hard Time Delight” by Oisima

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Show 2.43 “The Love Bed”

Aurora Murphy joins Rebecca and Jordan in the studio

You’re walking down Rundle Mall when someone walks up and asks you to hop into bed with them. How would you react? For the last couple of years Aurora Murphy has gone around Adelaide with her bed, asking people to hop in for sugar and conversations about love! Aurora joined us in the studio to talk about her project ‘Spreading the Love‘, which is airing in a yellow bus ‘Pop Up Cinema’ as part of the Feast Festival.

Download: Aurora Murphy


It’s really tough to get a film up and running off your own back, but that is exactly what the team behind ‘A Second Chance’ have done. The self funded family feature film was shot here in Adelaide and premieres tomorrow here in Adelaide. Writer, Director and Co-Producer Clay Glen and Producer Sharyn Pancione.

Download: Clay Glen and Sharyn Pancione


2012 has been a really strong year for Aussie film and television. With movies like The Sapphires doing really well in the box office and shows like ‘Puberty Blues’ on the small screen. In fact, spending is up 25% in the industry! Dr Ruth Harley is the CEO of Screen Australia, and she spoke to Angus Randall from Radio Adelaide Breakfast. You can find the interview here.


The Hola Mexico Film Festival hit the Mercury Cinema last night and will be running until Wednesday.  The festival’s Director Samuel Douek joined us live from LA to discuss the festival and the current state of the Mexican film industry.

Download: Samuel Douek



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“A Simple Answer” by Grizzly Bear
“Come Stand in the Fire” by  The Floors
“Kaytrucker” by Redcoats
“Amy aka Spent Gladiator 1” by The Mountain Goats
“Where The Light Is” by Oisima
“Lump” by Presidents of the United States

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