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Show 2.32, “Data Wrangling and Other Mysteries”

Sam Manager, the man behind Transitions Film Festival, talks to us about establishing a festival, screenwriter Andy Porter steps into the studio, and Mik Gojik talks to us about the joys of data wrangling (what’s all that about then?)

Another one sentence wrap up!

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“Some Kind Of Bliss” – Kylie Minogue
“Closer” – Thief Urban
“Your Love” – Saskwatch
“My Heart Is On Fire” – Asta
“Flaws” – Jesse Davidson
“The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” – Gil Scott-Heron
“Fight The Power” – Public Enemy

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New beginnings

2013 is going to be a big year. We’re welcoming more talented filmmakers now radio hosts to Behind the Screens and attempting to cover even more Australian and local film and TV events.

One big thing that will be affecting this page is the unveiling of the new Radio Adelaide website. There was no room for individual program pages on the old site, hence the need for this one. But now we get our own page and a new system up podcasting that, I hope, is much more efficient. Because of this we will no longer be posting on this page.

You can now find us at the brand spanking new Radio Adelaide website.

Old interviews will remain here for the time being but highlights from our two years on air will be transitioned across to the new page.

Thank you to everyone who has listened and I hope you keep listening. Any feedback is most welcome and can be done by leaving a comment to this post.

THANK YOU! from Beck, Chrissy, Jordan and Finley.

Summer 6, “The Colour of Kerosene”

We’ve been casting our ears back to 2012 over the summer on Behind the Screens on our special Summer editions but the sun is soon setting. From Australia Day we’ll be back with Season 3 of the show, bringing you the freshest news and interviews on Australian film and TV.

In the meantime we thought we’d get back into the swing of things with a live chat with the folks behind 2012 Raw Nerve short, The Colour of Kerosene. The film is finished and had a premiere alongside fellow Raw Nerve films in December, but now it’s time for the festival circuit. Producer Eleanor Perry and director Rory Noke came in to talk about their current Pozible campaign, how low budgets make you creative, and how YOU can add extra pizazz to your news segments (courtesy of Rory, former news cameraman).

Download: Eleanor Perry and Rory Noke″

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