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New beginnings

2013 is going to be a big year. We’re welcoming more talented filmmakers now radio hosts to Behind the Screens and attempting to cover even more Australian and local film and TV events.

One big thing that will be affecting this page is the unveiling of the new Radio Adelaide website. There was no room for individual program pages on the old site, hence the need for this one. But now we get our own page and a new system up podcasting that, I hope, is much more efficient. Because of this we will no longer be posting on this page.

You can now find us at the brand spanking new Radio Adelaide website.

Old interviews will remain here for the time being but highlights from our two years on air will be transitioned across to the new page.

Thank you to everyone who has listened and I hope you keep listening. Any feedback is most welcome and can be done by leaving a comment to this post.

THANK YOU! from Beck, Chrissy, Jordan and Finley.

Saturday Morning Arts

If you only tune into our show on Saturday mornings but we don’t quite satisfy your arts thirst then you should check out the rest of the Radio Adelaide lineup.

9am to 11am: Arts Breakfast with Cath Kenneally. Cath takes over from the legendary Wally Sparrow serving you up some Country Brekky (6am to 9am). Cath is taking a well earned break for the first half of 2012 so the equally lovely Nikki Marcel is taking ovee. Arts Breakfast looks at a broad spectrum of arty subjects: film, theatre, novels, poetry, painters, sculpters and all that other good stuff.
11am to 12pm: Behind the Screens. Some starry eyed ladies talk about TV and movies and stuff.
12pm to 1.30pm: Streetcast is 90 minutes of Adelaide arts madness. Jennie, Nick, Tom and Chris get the lay of the land and will inspire you to get out and see what’s happening in a vibrant little city.

If you’re looking for more film goodness, Reel Time (Wednesdays 10pm), with Kat and Tristan, have reviews, trivia and general film festivities.

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Show 2.01, “Schools In For Summer”

Peter Thurmer, MAPS Film School coordinator with Chrissy and Beck

Peter Thurmer, coordinator of MAPS Film School, dropped into the studios for our first show of the year, to give us the lowdown on what their school can offer to the starry eyed future film maker. Amongst the chatter we also asked him about his thoughts on the new Adelaide Studios and some of the very talented people who have signed on to teach at MAPS for 2012.

Download: Peter Thurmer


For our education special we looked high and low for the places in Adelaide where you can get your start in film and TV.


Tertiary Level Courses (i.e. Bachelors and Diplomas)

    Flinders University is perhaps the best known of the tertiary level screen courses in SA due to some of their famous alumni (like Scott Hicks and Noni Hazelhurst). They offer a Bachelor of Creative Arts in which you can major in Digital Media, Drama and Screen.
    MAPS Film School (Hamilton Secondary College) is, as described by Peter Thurmer, Adelaide’s only film school. The first year for the Diploma in Screen and Media students focus on all elements of film production and choose a focus study in the second year for the Advanced Diploma.
    University of Adelaide doesn’t have a film program per say but do offer a Bachelor of Media that focuses more on research based media theory and analysis.

Short Courses

    Adult learning centres like WEA can offer basic skills courses in cameras and editing.
    The South Australian branch of the Screen Development Australia is the Media Resource Centre. They offer funding, production initiatives, lectures and short courses all especially aimed for people looking to start their career in screens.
    AFTRS (aff-ters or ahf-ters depending on who you’re talking to) is the Australian Television and Radio School is the nationally accredited screen arts and broadcast school. The main campus is in Sydney but some courses are offered in Melbourne. If a move is out of the question they also offer an open program of short courses. Some courses are exclusively online and select courses are taught in Adelaide but not very often so it’s worth keeping an eye on the website. If you’re super keen you can always go across the border for a weekend and do a short course in Melbourne.

If you have any experiences with these institutions I’d love to get some feedback. My descriptions are only from what I can garner from the websites – inside knowledge would be much appreciated!

Download Show 2.01 here

“Life on Mars?” – Seu Jorge, from “The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou”
“Devil Song” – theredsunband
“Australia (live)” – Amanda Palmer
Actor Turned Singer: “It’s Not Me It’s You” – Coconut Records (Jason Schwartzman)
“Pa Pa Power” – Dead Man’s Bones
From the Vaults: “Baby, Don’t You Break My Heart So Slow” – Vonda Shepard and Emily Saliers from the Indigo Girls, from “Ally McBeal”

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