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Show 1.17, “Time Flies Like An Arrow…”

Local actress Tess O’Flaherty had an idea for a film but didn’t think it would go much further than that, she’s just an actor after all (her words). A few years on, Tess has produced, written and starred in A Fly On The Wall. Tess and co-star Steven Parker came in to have a chat about the joys of acting and getting a no-budget film off the ground.
Download: Tess O’Flaherty and Steven Parker

Aaron Kaczmarczyk was asked to direct a short movie called “The Horror Film” by his fellow Flinders student Curtis Brownjohn, who wrote and directed it. It was nominated at the South Australian Screen Awards and has been selected to screen at the Toronto Film Festival. Aaron came into the studio to talk about the shoot, the film and his future aspiration.
Download: Aaron Kaczmarczyk

For the second half of our interview Writer/Director Michael Henry, the first of which we played last week, we discussed some of the thematic techniques used in his film Blame. I commented on using the Australian bush as a gothic landscape of entrapment, which has been used before in many Aussie films such as Picnic At Hanging Rock.
Download: Michael Henry landscapes

Before we parted ways, we asked Michael to give some advice to filmmakers based on his own experience transitioning from shorts to a feature.
Download: Michael Henry advice for filmmakers

Download Show 1.17

“You Don’t Know My Mind” – Hugh Laurie
“We Don’t Walk” – The Paper Scissors
“As Night Falls” – Blackchords, from Blame (2010)
“Devil Woman” – Bruce Willis

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Show 1.13, “Local Documentaries Go Large”

Adelaide production company Kojo Pictures are in the filming stages of a government commissioned documentary about local scientist Frank Fenner, who passed away late last year.

The director Richard Jasek made a name for himself in TV drama, including McLeod’s Daughters, Blue Heelers and Stingers (just to name a few). I went on the set and asked Richard about his career.
Download: Richard Jasek

The documentary will use various techniques, interviews, CGI, archival footage, to tell the story. Reenactment will play a large part of constructing the narrative, with theatre, cabaret and film actress Eileen Darley playing Frank’s mother, Peg. I sat down with Eileen during her lunch break to ask her a few questions.
Download: Eileen Darley

Daniel Scharf‘s producer credits include cult classic Romper Stomper and TV’s The Wedge. He’s now one of the judges and the co-curator of DigiSPAA, an independent digital film competition run by the Screen Producers Association of Australia. Chrissy asked Daniel to explain a bit about the competition, how digital technology has changed film and the importance of our non funded film sector. In the second half, she asks him how he thinks the industry has changed in the last 20 years.
Download: Daniel Scharf part one

Download: Daniel Scharf part two

Emmy award winning Australian Rob George screened his documentary Trapped at the Clare Valley Film Festival earlier in the year. Trapped follows a Sudanese family living in Melbourne and their journey back to Sudan. He talked about this with Chrissy and Radio Adelaide station manager Deb Welch during our live broadcast from the Blyth community hall.
Download: Rob George

Download Show 1.13

“How Do I Deal” – Jennifer Love Hewitt, from I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997)
“Shanty for the Arethusa” – The Decemberists
“Buttons” – Sia
“Waterloo” – ABBA, from Muriel’s Wedding (1994)

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Show 1.11, “The Morning After”

Last night Chrissy and I attended the South Australian Screen Award gala. It was pretty fabulous and photos will come eventually. It’s an exciting time in SA film right now. One of the presenters called it “the perfect storm”. The fact that we could have EIGHT feature length films in competition is testimony to all the activity happening in the moment. A full list of winners can be found at the MRC website.

Sieh Mchawala is running the Doco Essentials workshop next weekend at the MRC. He’s also a filmmaker in his own right having completed his first feature length documentary Barefoot in Ethiopia. We got him on the phone to have a bit of a chat to him about his career and his experience with documentaries.
Download: Sieh Mchawala

Last week we played you the first part of our interview of Mad Bastards director Brendan Fletcher. This week we look more into the process of making a highly organic piece which evolved from improvisation. We asked him how he made it work and why do two separate shoots.
Download:Brendan Fletcher Part Two

Alexandra Blue was our very first interviewee back when we started the show in December in our summer time slot. Since then she’s started her own production company, Bluebird Productions and her first live action short film Daddy Daddy won the People’s Choice award on the night it screened at this year’s Shorts Film Festival. She came into the studios today to talk about the latest film she produced, Unfinished Thoughts.
Download: Alexandra Blue

Daniel Henshell graduated from The Actors Centre in 2006 after a two year course and has been acting professionally since. You might have caught him in the television series Out of the Blue or as the hapless boyfriend in a series of Telstra commercials. He’s making is big screen debut playing Australia’s worst serial killer, John Bunting, in Snowtown. I spoke to Daniel and started off by asking him what attracted him to the project.
Download: Daniel Henshall

Snowtown is released nationally on Thursday. On the next show we interview the director Justin Kurzel and pick his brains about his creative process and how he dealt with the subject matter.

download Show 1.11

“Give It Away” – Red Hot Chili Peppers
“This Burning Fever” – Fire! Santa Rosa, Fire!
“Nothing Really Matters (Instrumental)” – Alex Lloyd and the Pigram Brothers, from Mad Bastards (2010)
“Don’t You Forget About Me” – Simple Minds, from The Breakfast Club (1985)

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