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Show 2.09, “A Dinner Date with Hugo and Woody”

After editing together a few fake trailers for Baz Luhrmann’s Australia back in 2008, Stuart Bowen found himself employed with Bazmark. What a way to get a job! Stuart is now in the post production phase of his first short animated film, Woody. Like many filmmakers these days, he’s looked to crowd funding as a way to make his idea into a reality. We spoke to Stuart to find out all about Woody and the looong process of creating a stop frame animation with puppets.
Download: Stuart Bowen

Producer Chrissy Kavanagh and Writer/Director Alex Vickery-Howe

We try not to toot our own horn too much on Behind the Screens. We’re here to report cool film happenings and not to get tied up in our own lives. BUT sometimes the two cross. Chrissy has been producing a short film with writer/director Alex Vickery-Howe for quite a few months now and Dinner With Hugo is shot and ready to be edited. So I put on the interviewer hat and Chrissy crosses the floor to interviewee along with Alex as I press them for information – including how their fundraising campaign went (see picture opposite for the sort of bribes they offer) and assembling a crew with a super low budget.
Download: Dinner With Hugo: Chrissy Kavanagh and Alex Vickery-Howe

Download Show 2.09

“Come Check Your Head” – Blue King Brown
“When The End Of The World Came” – The Jane Austen Argument
“…” – Leader Cheetah
“It’s Tricky” – Run DMC
From The Vault: “Duel Of The Fates” – John Williams and the London Symphony Orchestra, from The Phantom Menace

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Show 1.31, “The Hunter and The Playwrite”

Daniel Nettheim and his brother, Matt. Photo: James Elsby of Adelaide Now

Daniel Nettheim is the director of The Hunter, premiering next week, about a mercenary, played by American Willem Dafoe, sent to the Tasmanian wilderness by a mysterious biotech company to hunt for the mythical Tasmanian Tiger.

It’s based on a novel by Julia Leigh, who has become a filmmaker in her own right earlier in the year with her directorial debut Sleeping Beauty.

Beck spoke to Daniel about his relationship with Tasmania, the local politics, and his brother’s tiger hunts on set. But first, how did his love affair with film begin?
Download: Daniel Nettheim Part 1

In the second part of the interview, Beck asked about Willem Dafoe’s involvement, working with children and if Julia Leigh had any influence over the film.
Download: Daniel Nettheim Part 2

Last week, Chrissy and I spoke to one of the director’s of Mrs Carey’s Concert and we asked her for the “Behind the Screens” staple – Rant Of The Week (where we discuss the state of the Australian film industry). Sophie discussed the need for more positive stories and a different approach to film funding.
Download: Rant of the Week – Sophie Raymond

Alex Vickery-Howe. Photo: Accidental Productions.

Alex Vickery-Howe is an Adelaide stage writer known for his work on children’s’ Japanese rock musical Once Upon a Midnight and Alzheimer’s drama Molly’s Shoes.

He has started working on screenplays and I asked him about his career so far and the difference between film and theatre writing.

Download: Alex Vickery-Howe

Download Show 1.31

“Have Your Way” – Geoffery O’Connor
“Joburg Jam” – Pogo
“Sound I Create” – The Dead Abigails
“Chloe In The Afternoon” – St Vincent
“What’s Up With You” – Eddie Murphy and Michael Jackson
“How’s Your Wife” – Caitlin Park

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