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Show 2.40, “Speed Dating”

Six people. Two hosts. One hour. We call that a challenge and the challenge is accepted.

Richard Harris. Source: Sunday Mail (SA)

1. Richard Harris, CEO of South Australian Film Corporation.

Richard spoke about the SAFC’s 40th Anniversary Celebrations and the next 40 years for South Australia’s screen agency. Amongst the festivities is an exhibition called “From A Sunday Too Far Away” at the State Library of SA which includes behind the scenes treasures from their Hendon vault. We also discussed the reasons behind the change from the SAFC as a film producer, to a funding agency in 1994.

Download: Richard Harris

Amiel Courtin-Wilson. Photo: Nicole Cleary. Source: Herald Sun.

2. Amiel Courtin-Wilson, director/writer/producer of Hail.

Amiel’s first feature, “Hail”, has documentary elements but a fictional narrative. It’s an emotional journey between Danny and Leanne, who both play fictional versions of themselves, but at its core it’s a love story

“Hail” begins its Adelaide run tonight (October 20) at the Mercury Cinema on Morphett St. Amiel and lead actor and inspiration Danny P Jones will be there for a “meet the filmmaker” session after the screening.

Download: Amiel Courtin-Wilson

Ian Darling. Source: Canberra Times.

3. Ian Darling, director of Paul Kelly: Stories of Me.

Ian is no stranger to documentaries. He has directed and produced many feature documentaries, including the AFI award winning “The Oasis” (2008) and his most recent work is his doco on Paul Kelly, “Paul Kelly – Stories of Me”. He is also the founder of Documentary Australia Foundation, a philanthropic initiative supporting the documentary film industry in Australia. We spoke about that and finding enough footage through 40 years of material for a feature length film.

“Paul Kelly – Stories of Me” is showing at Her Majesty’s Theatre this Thursday, October 25, at 7.30pm. Paul will also be there and performing a small set.
Download: Ian Darling

Jordan, Leigh and Zaen terrorise North Terrace.

4. Bec Buratto, head makeup artist for the Adelaide Zombie Walk; 5. Leigh Madden, SFX artist and denture work specialist; and 6. Zaen Ghast, latex and prosethics.

So why do people want to dress up like zombies for charity? Because it’s amazing fun. Three makeup artists who supply their talents for the Adelaide Zombie Walk came in to the studio to chat gore, latex and dirty good fun.

We didn’t have enough time to get our SFX fill so tune in next week for the second part of our interview where we discuss the future of makeup (CGI killed the makeup star?) and how you can get your hands dirty in the world of latex, blood and gore.

Download: Bec, Leigh and Zaen

We did it!

Download show 2.40 here

“Cynthia” – Velociraptor
“Elephant” – Tame Impala
“New Found Year” – Paul Kelly

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Show 1.1, “Let’s get BAFF’d!”

Welcome to the “new” show. We’re a part of the regular program now at Radio Adelaide which means you get to hear more from us! Exciting, y/y?

This weekend is the end of the bi-annual BigPond Adelaide Film Festival and we can’t ignore that on our show. We decided to embrace it and get BAFF’d out ‘behind the screens’. All of our interviewees have films screening in Adelaide this week.

Chrissy caught up with Egyptian actor/model/social-activist/presenter/nice-guy Khaleed Abdal Naga about his role in Microphone and how the Egyptian film industry survived under “make-up democracy”.
Download here


Radio Adelaide’s Breakfast presenter Catherine Zengerer interviewed the talent behind Hail, a documentary with fictional elements, described in the BAFF guide as “a love story of epic proportions”. It follows the story of ex-convict, Dan and his partner, Leanne, as they reflect on past and future. Melbourne based director, producer and writer Amiel Courtin-Wilson joins the two real life protagonists Daniel P. Jones and Leanne Letch to discuss how “Hail” has changed their lives and what it means to make a fictional documentary.
Download here


American documentary maker Pamela Yates is one of the big names in her field. Her directing debut, 1983’s When The Mountains Tremble secured her the coveted Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival. She’s in town to screen , her follow up to ‘Mountains’. The Wire‘s Tara Egan spoke to Pamela about Granito, the story of the Guatemalans, and the difference between documentaries and print journalism.
Download here

Track List:
“Beserk Warriors” – Mental as Anything, featured in Animal Kingdom (2009)
“Thank God I’ve Hit The Bottom” – You Am I, featured in I Love You Too (2010)
“Die Pretty” – The Salvagers, featured in I Love You Too (2010)
“Never Mend” – Nokturnl, from Yolngu Boy (2001) soundtrack
“Hey Ya!” – Obadiah Parker
“Taking Care Of Business” – Kenny Smyth, from Kenny (2006) soundtrack

Download Show 1.1 here

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