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Show 1.23, “Late Starts and Upstarts”

The 90s began over 20 years ago. Excuse me while I digest that for a bit and ponder my mortality.

Photo: Tait Schmaal. Source: The Advertiser.

Andrew Shanks decided to embrace the years and wrote, directed and co-produced Joystick Heroes, an ode to childhood innocence and arcade games. Andrew, along with Daniel Vink and Dave Gregan make up Subconscious Studios. Radio Adelaide station manager Deb Welch and I spoke to Andrew and Dave at the Clare Valley Film Festival earlier in the year about Joystick Heroes and their 24 Hour Film Challenge entry. From rural South Australia to an international film festival in Sydney! The guys just got back from Little Big Shots International Film Festival where Joystick Heroes screened to an eager young audience. Andrew joined me in the studio today to chat 90s nostalgia, arcade games and also a bit about film.

Download: Andrew Shanks

Heather Gryst decided she wanted to try her hand at film at the age of 40 and has since produced a handful of short films, including Poetry Workshop and also worked on the upcoming Danger 5. I asked Heather what made her decide to delve into the world of film.

Download: Heather Gryst

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“The Widow” – The Mars Volta
“Grounds For Divorce” – Elbow
“The Opposite of Hallelujah” – Jens Lekman
“Looking For Room” – Milla Jovovich
“Punk Mum” – Regurgitator
“Joburg Jam” – Pogo

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