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Show 2.30, “The Animation Revelation”

“Her Name Was” image taken from the film’s Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/HerNameWasFilm

Animation, it’s a style of filmmaking where just about anything is possible, and one’s imagination can run wild. While we’ve all seen the Disney classic cartoon-style animations, the idea of an animation made out of charcoal drawings is something you probably don’t see everyday.

Petar Ristic & Annie Nguyen with Rebecca & Jordan

That is the style that local filmmaker Annie Nguyen chose for Her Name Wasa short animation produced by Alexandra Blue that premiered last Thursday in Adelaide. Based on a poem written by Hugo Barata the film was funded by the Media Resouces Centre’s ‘Frame by Frame’ program.

We spoke to Annie, the Director, Screenwriter and Animator along with Petar Ristic, the Sound Designer/Mixer about how they went about shaping the vision on screen.

Download: Annie Nguyen & Petar Ristic

“Livin’ with Steve” image taken from the show’s Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/livinwithsteve

On the opposite end of the animation spectrum comes Livin’ with Steve. An animated web series about a man and his best friend, who just happens to be a zombie! In contrast to Her Name Was this series was created digitally using Flash, and is available for viewing online.

With ambitions for a second series we looked back at our chat with project producer Levi George and animator Jarrod Prince on what inspired them.

You can find the podcast for the interview in the post for Show 1.37.

Now that the Olympics are wrapping up we also thought it was a good time to encourage you to keep the patriotic blood flowing, with a number of great Australian films out in cinemas, such as I Am Eleven, Not Suitable for Children, The King is Dead and The Sapphires. So why not go and check them out?

Download Show 2.30

“I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch)” – Jessica Mauboy, from The Sapphires
“Two Cousins” – Slow Club, from Not Suitable for Children
“Living Dead” – Phantom Planet
“Long to Live” – Metric, from Cosmopolis
“Amigo Para Siempre (Friends for Life)” – Norman & Effie, in the Olympic spirit

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Show 1.31, “The Hunter and The Playwrite”

Daniel Nettheim and his brother, Matt. Photo: James Elsby of Adelaide Now

Daniel Nettheim is the director of The Hunter, premiering next week, about a mercenary, played by American Willem Dafoe, sent to the Tasmanian wilderness by a mysterious biotech company to hunt for the mythical Tasmanian Tiger.

It’s based on a novel by Julia Leigh, who has become a filmmaker in her own right earlier in the year with her directorial debut Sleeping Beauty.

Beck spoke to Daniel about his relationship with Tasmania, the local politics, and his brother’s tiger hunts on set. But first, how did his love affair with film begin?
Download: Daniel Nettheim Part 1

In the second part of the interview, Beck asked about Willem Dafoe’s involvement, working with children and if Julia Leigh had any influence over the film.
Download: Daniel Nettheim Part 2

Last week, Chrissy and I spoke to one of the director’s of Mrs Carey’s Concert and we asked her for the “Behind the Screens” staple – Rant Of The Week (where we discuss the state of the Australian film industry). Sophie discussed the need for more positive stories and a different approach to film funding.
Download: Rant of the Week – Sophie Raymond

Alex Vickery-Howe. Photo: Accidental Productions.

Alex Vickery-Howe is an Adelaide stage writer known for his work on children’s’ Japanese rock musical Once Upon a Midnight and Alzheimer’s drama Molly’s Shoes.

He has started working on screenplays and I asked him about his career so far and the difference between film and theatre writing.

Download: Alex Vickery-Howe

Download Show 1.31

“Have Your Way” – Geoffery O’Connor
“Joburg Jam” – Pogo
“Sound I Create” – The Dead Abigails
“Chloe In The Afternoon” – St Vincent
“What’s Up With You” – Eddie Murphy and Michael Jackson
“How’s Your Wife” – Caitlin Park

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Show 1.24, “Australian Faces”

Looking Forward, Looking Blak was a forum held during the BigPond Adelaide Film Festival in March this year at The Hawke Centre. Beck Cole, director of Here I Am and Tom E Lewis, the actor who played the lead role in The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith (1978).

Beck Cole was asked by forum chair Dr Mike Walsh, Senior Lecturer in Screen and Media at Flinders University, about the famous 1955 Australian film Jedda and where Here I Am appears on that spectrum of indigenous film.

Download: Excerpt from Looking Forward, Looking Blak (Beck Cole and Tom E Lewis)

Others on the forum were Rolf de Heer, Australian independent director behind Ten Canoes and Brenca Croft, lecturer in Aboriginal Art and Studies at the University of South Australia. You can find full audio from the forum at Radio Adelaide’s Public Domain website and video footage on The Hawke Centre’s channel.

Young local artist Genevieve Brandenburg is on a mission to get hundreds of people’s faces on the big screen. She’s currently directing and producing The Three Minute Project, an art film experiment in Adelaide. Friday Radio Adelaide Breakfast presenter Jennie Lenman asked Genevieve to explain the objective of her project.

Audio can be found at the Radio Adelaide Breakfast blog.

Chrissy and I had a great chat about ways to invigorate the Australian film industry (the amateur’s interpretation) so if that sort of thing floats your boat please check out the full audio for today’s show.

Download Show 1.24

“Walk Through My Dream” – Dan Sultan
“Independence” – Shadows
“Let Me Be The One” – Kevin Costner & The Modern West
“Black The Panes” – Cesare
“If I Fell” – Evan Rachel Wood, from Across The Universe (2007)

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