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Show 2.44 “The Not So Silent Fanboy”

There are so many challenges to being an independent filmmaker that receiving recognition for your work can certainly go a long way. This week the Screen Producers Association of Australia (SPAA) announced the DigiSPAA feature film competition winner for 2012, Producer Daniel Okoduwa and Director Michael Kang for their film Kemi. The feature focusses on a community of African Immigrants living in Blacktown, NSW, is told through the eyes of the character Kemi and is based on Daniel’s experiences. He spoke to us abotu what it’s like winning the top honours.

Download: Daniel Okoduwa


Adelaide is currently playing host to a range of sci-fi and fantasy icons with the Supernova Pop Culture Expo. One of those is the man behind Torchwood‘s Ianto Jones, Welsh actor and musician Gareth David-Lloyd. He joined us in studio to chat about what it’s like being part of a sci-fi production with such a cult following, as I tried my best to hold in my inner fanboy.

Download: Gareth David-Lloyd


You don’t find many silent movies in the cinemas these days, but until November 26th the Mercury Cinema is playing host to Silent Remasters, which involves old silent films being accompanied by original scores composed here in Adelaide. One film on offer is Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror, and we spoke to Jesse Schuppan who was responsible for composing the music for this remaster.

Download: Jesse Schuppan


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“Trichrome” by Dropframe
“She Makes Her Own Clothes” by Split Seconds
“Frivolous Life” by Yes You
“But It’s You” by How Green
“Lakeside New Apartment Suite” by Mountain Goats
“Hard Time Delight” by Oisima

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Show 2.41, “AFF, SFX & SPAA”

Amanda Duthie. Source: The Australian; Alan Pryke.

Amanda Duthie took over from Katrina Sedgewick at the end of 2011 as the director of the Adelaide Film Festival. She came directly (six hours break, in fact) from her former position as content head of Arts and Entertainment at the ABC to Adelaide and is taking the time to get to know the city and our filmmaking culture.

Amanda came into the studio to talk about the South Australian premiere of Save Your Legs!, which will be screening at the Adelaide Oval as a special placeholder event for the new AFF time of October. We also talked about the international reputation of the festival and what we might be in store for next year when the Adelaide Film Festival takes over October.
Download: Amanda Duthie

Jordan, Leigh, Zaen, Bec and Beck striking a pose on North Terrace.

Last week, three very talented makeup artists from the Adelaide Zombie Walk came in to discuss the beauty of non-beautiful makeup. We ran out of time live on the show so we took our conversation into another studio to continue our chat about the shift to CGI over conventional makeup, what it takes to become a SFX makeup artists and the best recipe for fake blood.
Download: Bec, Zaen and Leigh

Cockatoo Island, home of SPAA Fringe.

And now we cross to our Sydney correspondent … Chrissy Kavanagh, fellow Behind the Screens host, is over at SPAA Fringe, an event held by the Screen Producers Association of Australia – SPAA. She called in to give us the lowdown of what’s been happening over on Cockatoo Island.
Download: Chrissy Kavanagh

Download Show 2.41

“Wild Things” – San Cisco
“Erase Me” – Ben Folds Five
“I Got Gold” – Willy Mason
“Holy Drunken Fishermen” – The Salvadores

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Show 2.39: “Killing Them Softly Without Air Conditioning”

It’s not everyday on Behind The Screens that we talk about movies starring Brad Pitt, but today we did just that. Australian Director Andrew Dominik is well known for his films ‘Chopper’ and ‘The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford’ and his newest project ‘Killing Them Softly‘ is now out in Australian cinemas. He spoke to Rebecca Elliott about the film.
Download: Andrew Dominik

For actors working in Adelaide it can be quite difficult to find films to be cast in, so occasionally actors will start taking on producer roles to help make more films. Nocturn is one film co-produced by two of the lead actors, and it wrapped shooting just the other week. One actor from the film John Maurice joined me in the studio to talk about the film and how difficult it can be to find work.
Download: John Maurice

Last week we heard from Jason Sweeney, a local filmmaker who works on a range of mediums, from his recent film ‘The Dead Speak Back’ to sound installation. In the second half of his interview we hear about his most recent project ‘Crowdsourcing the Quiet‘, which is all about recording the sounds in the quiet spaces around Adelaide and will even involve an interactive iPhone app.
Download: Jason Sweeney

Don’t forget to check out some of the great film events happening around Adelaide this month, including ‘From A Sunday Too Far Away‘, a South Australian Film Corporation 40th Anniversary Exhibition, and the Iranian Film Festival at the Mercury Cinema.

Download Show 2.39

‘This Head I Hold’ – Electric Guest
‘Andy’ – Last Dinosaurs
‘Dissolve Me’ – Alt J
‘You’re A Animal’ – Jonathan Boulet
‘The Keepers’ – Santigold
‘Angels’ – The xx
‘Fence Sitter’ – Ball Park Music

** The title is a reference to the feeling of a enclosed studio in an Adelaide spring without air ventilation. It’s very cozy.

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