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Show 1.25, “Build It And They Will Come”

SAFC CEO Richard Harris

South Australia is in a state of transition at the moment as far as film is concerned. And there is no one better to talk to about the future vision of our industry than CEO of The South Australian Film Corporation (SAFC) Richard Harris. He gave us the low down of the new Adelaide Studios in Glenside and what it will mean for the South Australian film industry.

Download: Richard Harris

Six on the Street is a new film project that takes an intimate look at twelve Adelaide artists in a series of six-minute documentaries. They sent local musicians to perform in unique areas around the city and then filmed the results.

This is part of the Your Take Sessions, which interview artists from all around the country and showcase performances from musos including Washington, Old Man River and Cloud Control.

Local indie collective fourwords is presenting a fundraiser for “Six on the Street” where twelve of the films are being screened tonight at the Rhino Room.

Radio Adelaide Breakfast presenter Tim Brunero asked the project’s producer Sam Wright how it all got started and you can find the audio at the Radio Adelaide Breakfast blog.

The Clare Valley Film Festival is now open for entries for 2012. Festival Director Chris Bishop was raised in the valley but now resides in London and curates much of the festival from there. We gave him a call to ask how the planning for CVFF 2012 is going but we couldn’t help but ask him how London is coping in the wake of the riots.
Download: Chris Bishop

Download Show 1.25

“High In Your Saddle” – The Panda Band
“Pierrot” – Elixir featuring Katie Noonan
“Hedge Your Bets” – The Chairman
“Blue Car” – Jeff Bridges
“Gold Canary” – Cloud Control
“MIB Main Theme” – Danny Elfman, from Men In Black (1997)

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Show 1.14, “Guerrilla Filmmaking”

Chrissy had her solo turn today while I was the Directing for Short Film workshops at the MRC. I had a blast and I’ll talk a little bit about it in the next show.

It’s not often that a privately funded feature film gets an overseas distribution deal let alone makes its money back. Local indie filmmaker Andrei Gostin may be one of those exceptions. He was one of three producers who behind SA made Carmilla Hyde (2010), written and directed by Dave de Vries. It’s collected a whole bouquet of laurels from all over the world and all with a budget of 16 thousand dollars.
Download:Andrei Gostin

We spoke to low budget filmmaker Mandy Kuelen back in March for the Clare Valley Film Festival when we were broadcasting live from the Blyth Community Hall. Mandy came in first place last year in the 24 Hour Film Challenge and he short film Turnstiles was screening in the “home grown” category at the festival.
Download: Mandy Keulen at the Claire Valley Film Festival

Download Show 1.14

“Venus As A Boy” – Bjork, from Leon: The Professional (1994)
“Love Is A Heavy Word” – The Violent Soho
“Feel It” – The Little Stevies
“My Devils” – The Sun Orchestra
“Home” – She & Him

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Show 1.4, “The Clare Valley Film Festival Festa”

In preperation for our super exciting three hour live broadcast from Blyth, this week’s show is all about the Clare Valley Film Festival. Let’s get down to business!

Sylvia Syms has been in the film and acting world since the 50s, working on critically acclaimed films such as Ice Cold in Alex (1958) and The Queen (2006). Outside of acting she is also involved in judging panels for film festivals – one of them being the CVFF – and I was lucky enough to catch her at midnight for an interview. She was all the way on the other side of the world in London but it felt like we were having a lovely chat over tea and scones. She talks about her involvement in festivals and her long and varied career. And a great anecdote about the worst film she worked on. She’s a great storyteller.
Part One download
Part Two download


Carolyn Choa as had a colourful career as a dancer, choreographer, producer and script translator. She joins the CVFF as the program coordinator, responsible for scheduling the myriad of films on offer. It was another midnight chat for her in England as I spoke to her over the phone about her work in films and the differences between East and West filmmaking.


Matthew Jenkin is one of the creative heads behind Ninja Milk, a media content provider. That’s his day job – in his spare time he makes movies! His new film Family Values will be screening at the CVFF and I spoke to him about how it developed and being a Jack of all media trades.
Part One download
Part Two download


Our “Rant of the Week” (TM) goes to Michael Facey who we interviewed last week about the film he produced, Kanowna. He took a more positive spin on “The Rant” which is all about letting industry peeps give their opinon on the state of Australian film.


Download Show 1.4 (March 26)

“The People’s Princess” – Alexandre Desplat, from The Queen (2006)
“White Rabbit” – Emiliana Torrini, from Sucker Punch (2011)
“Yearning for Peace” – Tan Dun, from Hero (2001)
“Hanna’s Theme (Vocal Mix)” – The Chemical Brothers, from Hanna (2011)

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