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Show 1.15, “The Producer Hour”

Our themes are always accidental. Two of our guests this week come from a commerce background and have skills in various filmmaking roles but have ended up being labelled as producers.

Producing and composing may seem like wildly different skill sets but Aaron Nash does both. He was nominated for Best Composition in this year’s South Australian Screen Awards for his work on The Horror Film and is also producing one of the MRC’s “Got Genre” funded films, Isis. Aaron joined us in the studio today to have a chat about his career and his dream project (because we like putting people on the spot).
Download: Aaron Nash

Michael Clarkin is an Adelaide based producer who has had experience in many different roles including location manager on Wolf Creek (2005) and assistant accountant on the Underbelly TV series, AND received mentorship from producer David Lightfoot. As a result of receiving a Churchill Fellowship in 2006, he interned in New York with This Is That Productions. He’s currently crowd funding for his latest film with director Sarah McLauchlan A Very Foreign Film and PR consulting for Aussie film Blame in South Australia.
Download: Michael Clarkin

Our Arts compadre Cath Kenneally interviewed Mark Lewis, writer/director of Cane Toads: The Conqest, which is a follow up to his 1988 doco Cane Toads: An Unnatural Story. He also has the honour of making Australia’s first 3D movie. “Cane Toads: The Conquest in 3D” will probably be my favourite movie title of the year.
Download: Mark Lewis: Cane Toads 3D

Download Show 1.15

“Mrs Robinson” – Simon and Garfunkel, from The Graduate (1967)
“The Heinrich Maneuver” – Interpol
“Broken” – Robert Downey Jr, from Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005)
“How Do I live” – Trisha Yearwood, from Con Air (1997)

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Show 1.8, “Nostalgia Hour”

We picked up some great soundtrack requests from our Facebook page. If you want to send us into a wonder-filled nostalgia coma please comment and suggest more. I’m going to convince Chrissy to let me play some 90s Disney cartoon themes in future shows. Anything is possible.

“The Burger Joint” is a script written by Ben Mylius and is soon to be directed by Amy Killin. It’s a heist film with a Tarantino vibe. Supported by the Got Genre initiative and the MRC, these two are getting together to make this low budget film. We will hopefully track the progress of “The Burger Joint” from the pre production right through to post. We started off by asking Ben to tell us how the script came about.
Ben Mylius and Amy Killin Part One

Ben Mylius and Amy Killin Part Two

Our Rant of the Week ™ goes to Leon Ford and if you’ve been following the show recently you know he gave us an indepth interview about the creation process of his film Griff the Invisible and some of his upcoming projects. He gave us a very positive rant! Don’t start ringing the death knells of the industry just yet.
Leon Ford – Rant of the Week

Septimus Caton is not an Autobot. He’s a member of Sydney band Kids at Risk who worked on much of the music for Griff the Invisible. We asked him how he got involved in the film and a little bit about the music video that ties into the film.
Sep Caton from Kids At Risk

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“I Just Can’t Wait To Be King” – vocals by Jason Weaver, music by Elton John, lyrics by Tim Rice, from The Lion King (1994)
“Woo Hoo” – The’s, from Kill Bill Vol 1 (2003)
“Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)” – Nancy Sinatra, from Kill Bill Vol 1 (2003)
“Audience” – Cold War Kids
“Round The Twist Theme” – vocals by Tamsin West, music by Andrew Duffield, from TV’s Round The Twist (1989-2001)
“Watching You” – Kids At Risk, from Griff The Invisible (2011)
“Main Title” – Trevor Jones and Randy Edelman, from Last of the Mohicans (1992)
“Dead Already” – Thomas Newman, from American Beauty (1999)

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