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Show 2.36, “Ladies On Film”

DP Radek Ladczuk and Actress Essie Davis on set of The Babadook. Source: http://www.facebook.com/The-Babadook-Movie/

The Babadook is a curious name for a curious tale. A single mother, a 6 year old boy, and a possibly corporeal storybook monster.

SA based producer Kristian Moliere spoke to Behind the Screens earlier in the year about the early stages of preproduction but now the feature is half way through principle photography at Adelaide Studios.

Producer Kristina Ceyton came into the studio to give us an update of the shoot and to talk about their Kickstarter campaign.

Lore is not your standard World War II film. For one it’s an Australian-German co-production. And it follows the journey of Lore and her siblings, children of a Nazi soldier, and what happens as everything they knew to be true starts to fall apart. Writer/director Cate Shortland spoke about the logistics of making a film in a country where you can’t speak the language and how to tell a story without judgement.

Danielle Tinker took home not only the First Prize of the Guru GreenRoom Film Competition but also the Audience Choice award for her film about culture clash, ‘Pardesi’. It showed to a full house at the Mercury Cinema on Tuesday amongst 9 other locally made short films, all based on the key word ‘Guru’. Danielle tells us about the origins of the story, how a taxi trip helped her out, and the importance of involving cast and crew throughout the filmmaking process.

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“Lost” – Frank Ocean
“Ghost (Trapped In Heaven Remix) – The Presets
“From Under The Ground” – Willow Beats
“Mexico City Blues” – Cal Willians Jr
“Swept Away” – The XX

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Show 2.28, “Kid Documentaries and Adult Animation”

When watching a feature film you’d be surprised at the amount of CGI is in each scene that you don’t even notice. And that’s how SFX companies like it. Of course, sometimes it’s very obvious. Melbourne based Iloura were the creatives behind the title character of Ted, Seth McFarlane’s first live action feature. Executive Producer of Iloura’s film branch, Simon Rosenthal, spoke to Rebecca on the phone about the creative process and the often ‘living in the shadows’ life of CGI.
Download: Simon Rosenthal

Gen Bailey is a woman full of heart. Her documentary, I Am Eleven follows the life of a bunch of 11 year olds all across the globe as they tell us about the dreams, aspirations and their thoughts on the world they’re about to enter into as teenagers. She’s chosen to self distribute the film and it has succeeded all expectations. Jordan caught of with Gen and asked her about her project and her love of the documentary format.
Genevieve Bailey

The Australian crowdfunding platform Pozible is changing the way film is financed and WA government film body ScreenWest is taking advantage of the change. They’ve just announced that they will match any amount that any WA film receives on Pozible. Rebecca spoke to ScreenWest’s Digital Project Manager Michelle Glaser to get the low down on the new initiative.
Michelle Glaser, Screenwest

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“Young Folks” – Peter, Bjorn and John
“The Only Place To Be” – Best Coast
“How You Like Me Now” – The Heavy
“Moroccon Boy” – Messrs
“Rocketship” – Console Warriors
“Tank!” – The Seatbelts, from Cowboy Bebop

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Show 2.21, “Short Form/Feature Length”

Sean Lahiff

Not many people can say they edited their first feature before they were 30. Sean Lahiff is one of those people. And while he may have had a slight familial advantage (the director was his dad, Craig Lahiff), Sean has the skills to back it up. Swerve opened nationally on Thursday alongside another film he had a hand in Prometheus. I chat to him about the relationship between director and editor, and being on a SFX team.
Download: Sean Lahiff

Victoria Thaine

Victoria Thaine is a talented actress with nearly a decade of experience on Australian screens, both small and silver. She’s now stepping behind the scenes to direct the short she wrote, The Kingdom of Doug. As a part of our crowdfunding segment, we spoke to Victoria and asked her the benefits of makings shorts over a feature and the best tips for successful crowdfunding.

You can donate to “The Kingdom of Doug” on Pozible.
Download: Victoria Thaine

There are loads of short film competitions out there and more often than not, at least in my case, you discover them too late. So we’ve gotten in early to tell you all about the Guru GreenRoom Film Competition, the second annual comp run by the Adelaide Festival Centre’s youth arts membership GreenRoom and a bunch of kids (18 to 30) who we call the advocates. And full disclaimer, I’m one of them! GreenRoom assistant Sam Wright (and filmmakers in his own right – check out his interview we did with him about his feature doco) caught up with me to give you the low down of Guru.
Download: Sam Wright with ‘Guru’

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“You Make Me Happy” – Clare Bowditch, from ‘Offspring’
“Toothless Grin” – Jinja Safari
“Flash in the Pantz” – Dave Graney and the Mistly
“I Don’t Want to Live on the Moon” – Joseph Gordon-Levitt
“” – The Snowdroppers, live on the Range
“Every Single Night” – Fiona Apple
“Game of Thrones” – Dominik Omega and The Arcitype

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