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Show 2.21, “Short Form/Feature Length”

Sean Lahiff

Not many people can say they edited their first feature before they were 30. Sean Lahiff is one of those people. And while he may have had a slight familial advantage (the director was his dad, Craig Lahiff), Sean has the skills to back it up. Swerve opened nationally on Thursday alongside another film he had a hand in Prometheus. I chat to him about the relationship between director and editor, and being on a SFX team.
Download: Sean Lahiff

Victoria Thaine

Victoria Thaine is a talented actress with nearly a decade of experience on Australian screens, both small and silver. She’s now stepping behind the scenes to direct the short she wrote, The Kingdom of Doug. As a part of our crowdfunding segment, we spoke to Victoria and asked her the benefits of makings shorts over a feature and the best tips for successful crowdfunding.

You can donate to “The Kingdom of Doug” on Pozible.
Download: Victoria Thaine

There are loads of short film competitions out there and more often than not, at least in my case, you discover them too late. So we’ve gotten in early to tell you all about the Guru GreenRoom Film Competition, the second annual comp run by the Adelaide Festival Centre’s youth arts membership GreenRoom and a bunch of kids (18 to 30) who we call the advocates. And full disclaimer, I’m one of them! GreenRoom assistant Sam Wright (and filmmakers in his own right – check out his interview we did with him about his feature doco) caught up with me to give you the low down of Guru.
Download: Sam Wright with ‘Guru’

Download Show 2.21

“You Make Me Happy” – Clare Bowditch, from ‘Offspring’
“Toothless Grin” – Jinja Safari
“Flash in the Pantz” – Dave Graney and the Mistly
“I Don’t Want to Live on the Moon” – Joseph Gordon-Levitt
“” – The Snowdroppers, live on the Range
“Every Single Night” – Fiona Apple
“Game of Thrones” – Dominik Omega and The Arcitype

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Show 1.29, “Stormy Horizons”

Dagan Herceg

Dagan Herceg is a recent alumni of Participate Film Academy in Sydney and as a part of the course he was required to make a feature film. That’s right, no short films for these guys. Horizon’s Crossing is premiering in Adelaide this Wednesday (you can keep up to date with the film on their facebook). Dagan was in town for the premiere and was kind enough to come into the studio to have a chat about his film.
Download:Dagan Herceg Part 1

Download:Dagan Herceg Part 2

Fred Schepisi

Australian director veteran Fred Schepisi has had an incredibly diverse career. He’s perhaps most famous for the classic The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith but has also worked with comedy with Roxanne and Fierce Creatures and drama with Six Degrees of Seperation. His latest film The Eye of the Storm (based on a Patrick White novel) stars Geoffery Rush and Radio Adelaide’s Arts Breakfast host Cath Kenneally caught up with Fred and asked him if Geoffery’s character, Basil, was a bit of a caricature.
Download:Fred Schepisi

Behind The Screens Show 1.29

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“Half Full Glass of Wine” – Tame Impala
“The Cemetary” – Architecture in Helsinki
“Upular” – Pogo, made from sounds taken from Up (2009)
“Mechanism (Thick Mortar)” – The Paper Scissors
“This Close” – Caleb Kane, also known as Brad Kane who was the singing voice of Aladdin (1992)
“Sex Wax” – The Honey Pies
“Chloe in the Afternoon” – St Vincent

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