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Show 2.17, “Internationalists”

Daniel Phillips is interested in the other side of the story. Co-written by Phillips and Nic English, The Martyr is a short film set against the backdrop of the current conflict in Syria. The filmmakers hope to shed some light on what’s really happening to the people involved. They’re currently in the process of gathering funding (on Pozible and through other sources) to make the SA shoot a reality.

As a part of our crowdfunding segment, I chat to Daniel about the premise of the film and how the Syrian community has been involved in the process so far.

You can support The Martyr on Pozible.

Download: Daniel Phillips

In 2011, Paul Gallasch hitchhiked his way across the lesser known road trip tracks from New York City to Portland, Oregon. Naturally, he took a camera and now has the makings of a documentary that he’s calling Foreign Country. But instead of meshing the stories into feature length form, he’s planning to release the vignettes through a mobile device App. Quite literally as a choose your own adventure.

The guys from the The Scenery (Fridays 6pm) got to Paul before we could but we’re a bit sneaky and replayed their interview! Paul talks about his adventures and what it’s like to get a murder confession on film.

You can also support Foreign Country on Pozible.

Download: Paul Gallasch on The Scenery

Get ready for celebration, ladies! It’s Pap Smear Awareness Week in SA from May 6 to 12. Are you excited yet? Although I find the term “pap smear” highly amusing there is a reason why we chose to discuss it on the show. Chrissy was involved with helping teams of talented ladies make pap smear awareness videos for the Women’s Information Service. Check out the links to the videos on their facebook page, and remember to vote! Remember your pap smears! One every two years.

Download Show 2.17

“Romulus” – Voltaire Twins
“All Day And All Of The Night” – The Kinks
“Insane In the Brain” – Richard Cheese
“Humilation” – Kate Miller Heidke
“Saturday” – Cut Copy
“Hollywood Freaks” – Beck
“Bodymovin'” – Beastie Boys

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