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Show 1.24, “Australian Faces”

Looking Forward, Looking Blak was a forum held during the BigPond Adelaide Film Festival in March this year at The Hawke Centre. Beck Cole, director of Here I Am and Tom E Lewis, the actor who played the lead role in The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith (1978).

Beck Cole was asked by forum chair Dr Mike Walsh, Senior Lecturer in Screen and Media at Flinders University, about the famous 1955 Australian film Jedda and where Here I Am appears on that spectrum of indigenous film.

Download: Excerpt from Looking Forward, Looking Blak (Beck Cole and Tom E Lewis)

Others on the forum were Rolf de Heer, Australian independent director behind Ten Canoes and Brenca Croft, lecturer in Aboriginal Art and Studies at the University of South Australia. You can find full audio from the forum at Radio Adelaide’s Public Domain website and video footage on The Hawke Centre’s channel.

Young local artist Genevieve Brandenburg is on a mission to get hundreds of people’s faces on the big screen. She’s currently directing and producing The Three Minute Project, an art film experiment in Adelaide. Friday Radio Adelaide Breakfast presenter Jennie Lenman asked Genevieve to explain the objective of her project.

Audio can be found at the Radio Adelaide Breakfast blog.

Chrissy and I had a great chat about ways to invigorate the Australian film industry (the amateur’s interpretation) so if that sort of thing floats your boat please check out the full audio for today’s show.

Download Show 1.24

“Walk Through My Dream” – Dan Sultan
“Independence” – Shadows
“Let Me Be The One” – Kevin Costner & The Modern West
“Black The Panes” – Cesare
“If I Fell” – Evan Rachel Wood, from Across The Universe (2007)

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