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Show 1.3, “Blyth, Kanowna and Beyond”

Get your calendars out, folks. Adelaide is host to some amazing world films coming up in the next few weeks.

March 22 to March 27: Indian Film Festival – “Bollywood and Beyond” (IFF). The actual festival isn’t coming to Adelaide but The Mercury Cinema will be screening a selection of the films. The opening night gala features I Am, an exploration of some of the thornier issues facing modern Indian society. Director Inirban Dhar and producer/actress Juhi Chawla will lead a Q&A session after the screening.
March 23 to April 10: Alliance Française French Film Festival (AF FFF). The opening night gala features Potiche, directed by François Ozon.
April 13 to April 18: Audi Festival of German Films. In it’s 10th year, Palace Nova is hosting this festival celebrating all things Deutsch. Opening night is a screening of Goethe!.
June 30 to July 30: Arab Film Festival. Just the dates have been announced so far so keep an eye on that link for more updates.

Raw Nerve 2011 applications are open! If you’re a writer, director, producer, or would just like to make films please follow the link and check out this amazing opportunity.

Kanowna is a short film written and directed by Chris Richards-Scully set in the Western Australian goldfields in 1901. Based on true events it follows the story of an Australian lawman who fathers a child to a Japanese prostitute and the fall out that follows. Producer Michael Facey studied at the Central Institute of Technology in Perth and I interviewed him about why he chose film as a career and the lack of multi cultural Australia in period films.
download here

The second half of the interview focuses on the film development process and making movies on the west coast.
download here

Ian Roberts had a fantastic brain wave in 2004 after seeing a film in Adelaide. That idea was to turn the Blyth Masonic lodge into a cinema. It’s been running since 2005 and last year it hosted the first Clare Valley Film Festival. He spoke to us about how he got the cinema up and running and the impact that it’s had in the region.
download here

Ian got the cinema up off the ground and now Festival Director, Chris Bishop, is helping to put Blyth on the film festival map. He called in and updated us on what he was up to and to talk a little bit about the filmmaking workshops featured in the festival.
download here

“The Flowers” – Mountbatten
“Kaawa Ka” – Aj Meera Jee Kanda, from Indian Monsoon
“Bigger Than Tina” – The Fauves, from Bigger Than Tina
“Stand On The Word (Mima Version)” – Keedz, from Underbelly: The Golden Mile
“Mambo Italiano” – Christa Hughes, from Wog Boy 2: The Kings of Mykonos
“Vivire para Ti” – Los Amigos Invicibles

Download show 1.3 (March 19)

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