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Show 1.12, “Director’s Day”

I was on my lonesome today while Chrissy tried to move house in this shocking pre-rapture weather. There’s not really a dull moment with so many great people to talk to and I think I broke our record of the sheer amount of stuff I had to get through. This is why I had to play a chilled out Fresh Prince track at the start of the show. Mellow out the mood, ya know?

Justin Kurzel is having a pretty amazing ride at the moment. He directed the recipient of the President of the Jury Special Award Grand Prix at 2011 Critics’ Week in Cannes. That movie was Snowtown, released nationally on Thursday. Despite growing up in Gawler, Justin didn’t know much about “the Snowtown murders” until the script arrived in his mailbox. It filmed last year in Adelaide’s northern suburbs with mostly locals in the cast, and many in the crew.

Chrissy and I asked Justin how they decided which elements of the true story made it into the film. When we saw the film, we were blown away by how beautiful it looked. The cinematographer, Adam Arkapaw, who also did Animal Kingdom (2010), gave the film an ethereal yet sinister feel. But one thing we couldn’t help but notice was the emphasis on eating scenes. In the second part of the interview we talk to Justin about the focus on food and eating within the film and also score, composed by his brother Jed Kurzel (from the band “The Mess Hall”).
Download: Justin Kurzel Part 1

Download: Justin Kurzel Part 2

Arts Breakfast star Cath Kenneally had two fantastic interviews on her show last week and was kind enough to let us play them on Behind the Screens.

She asked South Australia Film Corporation CEO Richard Harris about the impact of the new federal budget on the film industry and if he was pleased by some of the changes.
Download: Richard Harris – SAFC CEO

Cath also spoke to writer/director Ashlee Page about her award winning short film “The Kiss”. I discovered from listening to this that my high school music teacher did some of the music on this film. Always wanted to know what she was up to now! The beauty of Adelaide: everyone knows everyone.
Download: Ashlee Page

Our Rant of the Week had a bit of a twist this week. Most Rants are based on our film industry but I was able to chat to one of Australia’s great TV directors, Richard Jasek, on the set of his latest screen adventure and ask him what he thought about our TV scene here in Australia.
Download: RANT Richard Jasek

You can hear more from Richard Jasek next week when he talks about his current project, a documentary about Frank Fenner – the Adelaide based scientist behind the eradication of small pox.

Download show 1.12

“Time To Chill” – DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
“Western Front” – Bridezilla. Music video directed by Justin Kurzel and Daniel Fletcher. Cinematography by Adam Arkapaw.
“Shiller” – Ratatat
“Bell” – The Mess Hall. Music video directed by Justin Kurzel. Cinematography by Andrew Commis.

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