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Show 2.10, “Polarising”

Modelling the new Canon 5D Mark III. phillipbloom.net

“Film is dead”. Controversial but is it true? No one can deny that digital filmmaking is faster and cheaper. Former digital naysayers are throwing away film and seeing the light (or going to the dark side, whichever you like). English director/cinematographer and digital supporter Philip Bloom is in the country to run a DSLR filmmaking workshop (presented by Rode Microphones) alongside Aussie sound recordist Ric Creaser, and I caught up with him after one of the sessions for a chat about digital film, being a director and a DP, and he gave some tips for an emerging filmmaker’s first camera purchase.
Download: Philip Bloom

We’ve mentioned the Raw Nerve initiative a few times before on the show but if you’re still unsure what it’s all about all you need to know that it’s a national initiative to supporting emerging filmmakers in each of the states. We decided to look beyond SA and go west (don’t sing it!).

Director Steven Fleming and producer Emma Vickery won a cut of the 2010 Western Australian Raw Nerve booty through Emma’s script for Polarised. It’s film, finished and screened but now they’re looking for some support to send it to festivals and give it the send off it deserves. We spoke to Steven about the film but also asked him to paint us a picture of what the WA film scene is all about.

You can support Polarised at their Pozible funding page.
Download: Steven Fleming

Other topics we talk excessively on are the SASA nominations and how wouldn’t it be great if there was an award for Best 1st AD.

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“Pippy Pip” – The Black Seeds
“Keep You Around” – The Harpoons
“Are You Gonna Waste My Time” – Zeus
“Rosebud” – The Jezebels
“Mutual Friends” – We Grow Up
“Into Yer Bones” – Lyla
“Just Dance (live)” – Nile Rodgers, Slash, Eric Benet and Chic

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