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Summer 6, “The Colour of Kerosene”

We’ve been casting our ears back to 2012 over the summer on Behind the Screens on our special Summer editions but the sun is soon setting. From Australia Day we’ll be back with Season 3 of the show, bringing you the freshest news and interviews on Australian film and TV.

In the meantime we thought we’d get back into the swing of things with a live chat with the folks behind 2012 Raw Nerve short, The Colour of Kerosene. The film is finished and had a premiere alongside fellow Raw Nerve films in December, but now it’s time for the festival circuit. Producer Eleanor Perry and director Rory Noke came in to talk about their current Pozible campaign, how low budgets make you creative, and how YOU can add extra pizazz to your news segments (courtesy of Rory, former news cameraman).

Download: Eleanor Perry and Rory Noke

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Show 2.23, “Independent’s Day”

10 METRES trailer – Rotterdam 2012 from Rory Noke on Vimeo.

We spoke to Rory Noke last year just before he went to the DigiSPAA awards night with his feature film “10 Metres”. The Adelaide based writer/director (and camera operator at Channel 10) took the title and is now back in town after a whirlwind tour of Europe (or more realistically – film festivals that happened to be in Europe). Rory came into the studio to tell us what it’s like to take be thrown into fighting ring that is film distribution.

Download: Rory Noke

We talk to many filmmakers who juggle their creative passions with their day jobs. One clearly funding the other because let’s face it – film, like crime, doesn’t pay.

Alex Nakone is someone doing just that. He satisfies both sections of his brain with his day job as a GP and ‘other job’ as a writer/director. His short Mr Morag’s Helical Dreams explores the ethics of human cloning and has been screened in a number of festivals, including winning Best Sci Fi at the 2011 Barossa Valley Film Festival.

Alex was also involved in creating the Indie Film Festival, showcasing some of the amazing shorts coming out of South Australia.

Alex came in to discuss the festival and his own upcoming short, “Ouroboros” and, of course, how to handle two disparate jobs.

Download: Alex Nakone

And a huge welcome to Jordan Archer who is taking over hosting duties from Chrissy Kavanagh while she takes a three week break. Jordan brought the goods and the awkward segues like an old Behind the Screens pro.

Download show 2.23

“Look At Where We Are” – Hot Chip
“So Cold” – Thee Attacks
“Horses” – Auxilla
Actor turned Singer: “Laid To Rest” – Molotov Jukebox (Natalia Tena)
“You Got To Move” by The Floors, live at The Bird, Perth

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Show 1.37, “Run For Your Un-Life”

Zombie webseries "Livin' with Steve" (www.livinwithsteve.com)

Zombies are so hot right now. Or they will be. There’s even a zombie romance being made as we speak, starring Adelaide’s own Teresa Palmer.

On the slightly less disturbing side of the spectrum, we have Livin’ With Steve, an animated web series, about the enduring of friendship of man and man’s best friend, who happens to be a zombie.

Project producer Levi George and animator Jarrod Prince came into the studio to talk about their undead creation.
Download: Livin’ With Steve – Levi George and Jarrod Prince

10 Metres - Run for your Life

What would you do if you were drugged and when you woke up found yourself strapped with explosives? Writer and director Rory Noke imagined just that and 10 Metres was born. Shot guerilla style over two weeks in Melbourne, Rory did what he could to get the film made – including having blank decoy tapes on standby if the authorities asked him to hand over his footage.

10 Metres was recently announced as one of four finalist for the DigiSpaa competition which supports low-budge digital feature films.

Rory Noke came in to the studio and producer Michael Clarkin joined us on the phone
Download: 10 Metres – Rory Noke and Michael Clarkin

Jonathan Teplitzky. Photo: The Australian.

Jonathan Teplitzky, writer/director of Burning Man chatted with us last week about his film. At the end of the interview I asked him his views on the Australian film industry for a segment we call “Rant of the Week”. In particular, he focuses on the need find another way of judging the ‘worth’ of Australian films.
Download: Rant of the Week – Jonathan Teplitzky

Download Show 1.37

“The Way I Am” – Marco Beltrami and Buck Sanders, from The Hurt Locker (2008)
“Solar Sailer” – written by Daft Punk and composed by Joseph Trapanese, from Tron: Legacy (2010)
From the Vault: “Danger Zone” – Kenny Loggins, from Top Gun (1986)
“Buzzwing” – Pogo
“Punks” – I Heart Hiroshima, from Jucy (2010)
“Lay Me Down” – The Audreys, from My Year Without Sex (2009)

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