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Show 2.43 “The Love Bed”

Aurora Murphy joins Rebecca and Jordan in the studio

You’re walking down Rundle Mall when someone walks up and asks you to hop into bed with them. How would you react? For the last couple of years Aurora Murphy has gone around Adelaide with her bed, asking people to hop in for sugar and conversations about love! Aurora joined us in the studio to talk about her project ‘Spreading the Love‘, which is airing in a yellow bus ‘Pop Up Cinema’ as part of the Feast Festival.

Download: Aurora Murphy


It’s really tough to get a film up and running off your own back, but that is exactly what the team behind ‘A Second Chance’ have done. The self funded family feature film was shot here in Adelaide and premieres tomorrow here in Adelaide. Writer, Director and Co-Producer Clay Glen and Producer Sharyn Pancione.

Download: Clay Glen and Sharyn Pancione


2012 has been a really strong year for Aussie film and television. With movies like The Sapphires doing really well in the box office and shows like ‘Puberty Blues’ on the small screen. In fact, spending is up 25% in the industry! Dr Ruth Harley is the CEO of Screen Australia, and she spoke to Angus Randall from Radio Adelaide Breakfast. You can find the interview here.


The Hola Mexico Film Festival hit the Mercury Cinema last night and will be running until Wednesday.  The festival’s Director Samuel Douek joined us live from LA to discuss the festival and the current state of the Mexican film industry.

Download: Samuel Douek



Download Show 2.43


“A Simple Answer” by Grizzly Bear
“Come Stand in the Fire” by  The Floors
“Kaytrucker” by Redcoats
“Amy aka Spent Gladiator 1” by The Mountain Goats
“Where The Light Is” by Oisima
“Lump” by Presidents of the United States

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Show 1.28, “Convergence, Farewells and Good Ol’ Looking Back”

Katrina Sedgewick

Katrina Sedgwick has had an amazing career in the arts, starting at just nine years of age acting in Peter Weir’s The Last Wave (1977). Since 2002, Katrina has been the (founding) director and CEO of the biannual Adelaide Film Festival.
However, Katrina has just announced that she will be parting ways with the AFF and she joined us today to tell us about her career and her passionate involvement in the arts.

Download: Katrina Sedgwick

Fiona Cameron

As media consumers we are inundated with choices – not only in content but in the ways we can consume. But what’s happening to Australian content? Free to air channels must follow Australian content guidelines while subscription television can play what they want. We had no data on just how much our viewing habits have changed with new technologies until now.

Screen Australia has published a report entitled Convergence 2011: Australian Content State of Play. Chrissy spoke to Chief Operating Officer of Screen Australia, Fiona Cameron about the report’s findings.

Download:Fiona Cameron Part One / Fiona Cameron Part Two

Download Show 1.28

“Let’s Do It” – Joan Jett and Paul Westerberg, from Tank Girl (1995)
“Hurt Me” – The Jezebels
“Here’s To Love” – Ewan McGregor and Renee Zellweger, from Down With Love (2003)
“Scrumdiddlyumptious” – Pogo, audio samples taken from Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (1971)
“Out At The Pictures” – Hot Chip

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