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Show 1.26, “Adelaide Aurora”

Rose Tucker and Matthew Salleh from Urtext Film Productions came into the studios today to talk about their recent experience at the Cannes Film Festival and their new steampunk epic Aurora. It was made over 3 and a half years with a budget of only $1800! You can see the finished 34 minute film at their website where they chose to upload the film in its entirety for anyone to watch. Film distribution in the new age!

They also made a tumblr just for their Cannes trip – Matt and Rosie go to Cannes – a great insight into the festival, with some hilarious photos to boot.

I asked Matt and Rosie how they started out in film.
Download: Rose Tucker and Matthew Salleh

Download Show 1.26

“Eyes Wide Open” – Gotye
“Impulsion” – The Chairman
“In G.O.D. We Trust (Gold, Oil & Drugs)” – Ebony Bones

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