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Show 2.37, “Flight of the Humble-B … Movie”

“Charlie: Squid Whisperer”, concept by Mark Knight, inspired by the fears of Rebecca Elliott. Shopped by David Powell.

What makes a B Movie? What does the B stand for? and don’t say ‘bad’. Mark Knight, self styled “big nerd”, is the man to ask. As lead developer at Storynerds, Mark will be running a workshop on the 6th and 7th of October called B-Keeping for Beginners!!! (OR How I Sold My Script to Hollywood for Just $50 a Day!!!!!) – exclamation marks are essential. We spoke about screen writing, script development and making your very own B movie with the use of a few nouns. Mine involved a giant squid and Charlie Sheen *shudder* horrific.

Viron Papadopoulos, general manager of industry development and production at the South Australian Film Corporation, spoke about their upcoming Digital360Lab aimed at SA screenmakers who are keen to explore the changing digital landscape. Guidelines and applications forms are available from safilm.com.au and the lodging due date is Monday 15th October.

I have to apologies for the sound quality of this interview but you have to appreciate the irony of discussing how digital technologies have opened up new opportunities while it sounds like we’re talking at two different ends of a robot’s belly.

Ursula Dabrowsky spoke to us earlier in the month about her upcoming feature Inner Demon but in the final part of that interview we talked about the Australian horror scene and horror in the city of corpses, aka Adelaide.

If you tuned in live today you discovered what happens when you ask someone who had a C average in maths to do sums while also coordinating a radio show. The countdown clock mysteriously disappeared on our playout system and I had to rely on my terrible maths abilities to time out the show on my own. Streetcast had a good laugh at me. The great thing about this blog means that even if I have to cut an interview short, you can listen again right here.

To make sure these posts happen as fast as possible we will no longer be supplying the individual interviews but you can listen to the full podcast of the show below. Let me know if you’d prefer them back – it’s just something we’re trialling at the moment.
Download Show 2.37

“Sweet Exchange” – Lady Strangelove
“I’m Not Talking” – AC Newman
“Elephant (Todd Rundgren remix)” – Tame Impala
“Won’t You Be” – DJ Shadow
“Come On Spring” – Antenna

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