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Show 1.12, “Director’s Day”

I was on my lonesome today while Chrissy tried to move house in this shocking pre-rapture weather. There’s not really a dull moment with so many great people to talk to and I think I broke our record of the sheer amount of stuff I had to get through. This is why I had to play a chilled out Fresh Prince track at the start of the show. Mellow out the mood, ya know?

Justin Kurzel is having a pretty amazing ride at the moment. He directed the recipient of the President of the Jury Special Award Grand Prix at 2011 Critics’ Week in Cannes. That movie was Snowtown, released nationally on Thursday. Despite growing up in Gawler, Justin didn’t know much about “the Snowtown murders” until the script arrived in his mailbox. It filmed last year in Adelaide’s northern suburbs with mostly locals in the cast, and many in the crew.

Chrissy and I asked Justin how they decided which elements of the true story made it into the film. When we saw the film, we were blown away by how beautiful it looked. The cinematographer, Adam Arkapaw, who also did Animal Kingdom (2010), gave the film an ethereal yet sinister feel. But one thing we couldn’t help but notice was the emphasis on eating scenes. In the second part of the interview we talk to Justin about the focus on food and eating within the film and also score, composed by his brother Jed Kurzel (from the band “The Mess Hall”).
Download: Justin Kurzel Part 1

Download: Justin Kurzel Part 2

Arts Breakfast star Cath Kenneally had two fantastic interviews on her show last week and was kind enough to let us play them on Behind the Screens.

She asked South Australia Film Corporation CEO Richard Harris about the impact of the new federal budget on the film industry and if he was pleased by some of the changes.
Download: Richard Harris – SAFC CEO

Cath also spoke to writer/director Ashlee Page about her award winning short film “The Kiss”. I discovered from listening to this that my high school music teacher did some of the music on this film. Always wanted to know what she was up to now! The beauty of Adelaide: everyone knows everyone.
Download: Ashlee Page

Our Rant of the Week had a bit of a twist this week. Most Rants are based on our film industry but I was able to chat to one of Australia’s great TV directors, Richard Jasek, on the set of his latest screen adventure and ask him what he thought about our TV scene here in Australia.
Download: RANT Richard Jasek

You can hear more from Richard Jasek next week when he talks about his current project, a documentary about Frank Fenner – the Adelaide based scientist behind the eradication of small pox.

Download show 1.12

“Time To Chill” – DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
“Western Front” – Bridezilla. Music video directed by Justin Kurzel and Daniel Fletcher. Cinematography by Adam Arkapaw.
“Shiller” – Ratatat
“Bell” – The Mess Hall. Music video directed by Justin Kurzel. Cinematography by Andrew Commis.

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Show 1.11, “The Morning After”

Last night Chrissy and I attended the South Australian Screen Award gala. It was pretty fabulous and photos will come eventually. It’s an exciting time in SA film right now. One of the presenters called it “the perfect storm”. The fact that we could have EIGHT feature length films in competition is testimony to all the activity happening in the moment. A full list of winners can be found at the MRC website.

Sieh Mchawala is running the Doco Essentials workshop next weekend at the MRC. He’s also a filmmaker in his own right having completed his first feature length documentary Barefoot in Ethiopia. We got him on the phone to have a bit of a chat to him about his career and his experience with documentaries.
Download: Sieh Mchawala

Last week we played you the first part of our interview of Mad Bastards director Brendan Fletcher. This week we look more into the process of making a highly organic piece which evolved from improvisation. We asked him how he made it work and why do two separate shoots.
Download:Brendan Fletcher Part Two

Alexandra Blue was our very first interviewee back when we started the show in December in our summer time slot. Since then she’s started her own production company, Bluebird Productions and her first live action short film Daddy Daddy won the People’s Choice award on the night it screened at this year’s Shorts Film Festival. She came into the studios today to talk about the latest film she produced, Unfinished Thoughts.
Download: Alexandra Blue

Daniel Henshell graduated from The Actors Centre in 2006 after a two year course and has been acting professionally since. You might have caught him in the television series Out of the Blue or as the hapless boyfriend in a series of Telstra commercials. He’s making is big screen debut playing Australia’s worst serial killer, John Bunting, in Snowtown. I spoke to Daniel and started off by asking him what attracted him to the project.
Download: Daniel Henshall

Snowtown is released nationally on Thursday. On the next show we interview the director Justin Kurzel and pick his brains about his creative process and how he dealt with the subject matter.

download Show 1.11

“Give It Away” – Red Hot Chili Peppers
“This Burning Fever” – Fire! Santa Rosa, Fire!
“Nothing Really Matters (Instrumental)” – Alex Lloyd and the Pigram Brothers, from Mad Bastards (2010)
“Don’t You Forget About Me” – Simple Minds, from The Breakfast Club (1985)

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Show 1.10, “Based on true events”

This week’s completely unintentional theme is real life stories. All the people we interviewed on the show were involved in projects that were based on a true story, developed from real life characters and/or about personal journeys.

Media Resource Centre has three workshops coming up this month suited for beginners and intermediate filmmakers – aimed at documentary making and producing and directing short films. The Adelaide Festival Centre are running a short film competition with a theme of “wasabi”! Leanne Cotter from the AFC spoke to us and gave us some more details.

Lucas Pittaway plays Jamie Vlassakis in the upcoming feature Snowtown. The Advertiser is expecting big things from him in the future, likening him to Heath Ledger. That’s a big call and pretty flattering but Snowtown is his first acting job so he still has years to find where he wants to fit in on the acting spectrum. I asked him how his film career started.
Download: Lucas Pittaway from “Snowtown”

In preparation for the May 19 release of Snowtown we’ll be interviewing Daniel Henshell, who plays John Bunting and director Justin Kurzel in the coming weeks.

Brendan Fletcher began his film career through his involvement in music. Starting out as a band photographer he then made music videos and has since made clips for Tumbleweed, Sarah Blasko, Shane Nicholson and Kasey Chambers. Brendan’s collaborations with Indigenous artists saw him working with Leah Purcell in Black Chicks Talking. His first feature, Mad Bastards was released on Thursday and we spoke to him about his career and how the story developed over years of collaboration.
Download: Brendan Fletcher Part 1

The second part of our exclusive interview with Brendan will be on the show next week.

Madeleine Parry received funding through MRC’s Raw Nerve initiative last year to make her short documentary Murder Mouth. It’s an exploration in the way people connect to the food we eat. Do we fully comprehend that the slab of beef in the butcher section at the supermarket was once part of a living, breathing cow? Madeleine wanted to reestablish that connection by doing the killing herself. Radio Adelaide’s Arts Breakfast presenter Cath Kenneally thought Madeleine looked too sweet to write and direct such a grim subject matter.
Download: Madeleine Parry and Murder Mouth

Murder Mouth was nominated for 4 South Australian Screen Awards and will be a part of the special screenings at The Mercury this weekend. The SASA gala is this coming Friday so we’ll bring you all the news from the night on next week’s show!

Download Show 1.10

“The Look” – Metronomy
“Slow Train” – Alex Lloyd and The Pigram Brothers, from Mad Bastards (2010)
“Road Train” – The Pigram Brothers
“Know Your Chicken” – Cibo Matto
“Kill The Director” – The Wombats

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