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Show 2.18, “That Movie Guy”

Marc Fennell and some hack

There are only a handful of paid film critic jobs in Australia and Marc Fennell has two of them. Describing himself as a “professional guest”, Marc has his reviews on Triple J and Network Ten’s The Circle. He’s written a book, hosted a TV show and talks media and technology on Radio National.

I caught up with Marc while he was in Adelaide. We discuss death threats, backlash on SBS forums and how social media is changing the face of film criticism.
Download: Marc Fennell part 1 apologies for the one minute preamble/tangent / Marc Fennell part 2

Radio Adelaide’s breakfast presenter, Tim Brunero caught up with Australian director John Duigan about his upcoming film Careless Love. John, the man behind classics like “The Year My Voice Broke” and “Sirens”, delves into the world of love and prostitution in his latest feature, set for release on May 17th.

Check out the audio at the Breakfast blog.

Download Show 2.18

“Boo Bass” – Pogo
“Midnight” – A Tribe Called Quest
“Cracks In Our Crown” – The Black Seeds
“Monuments” – Yann Tiersen
From The Vault: “Every Breath You Take” – Robert Downey Jr and Sting

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Show 1.38, “Toomelah Boys and Jucy Girls”

"Toomelah" actor Daniel Connors and director Ivan Sen. Source: toomelahthemovie.com

Ivan Sen’s debut feature film Beneath Clouds screened at the 2003 Sundance Film Festival, won the Premiere First Movie Award at the 2002 Berlin Film Festival and the 2002 Best Director Award at the Australian Film Institute Awards. Since then he’s written and produced documentaries and shorts and he’s just finished his new feature Toomelah which opens around Australia on November 24.

Ivan joined us on the phone to discuss the film, its acceptance into Cannes and a Western film on his horizon.
Download: Toomelah – Ivan Sen

Louise Alston

Jucy tells the story of a womance of plutonic proportions, as the tagline goes. That’s right, ladies, if guys can have a bromance, we can have a womance.

Director Louise Alton spoke to Chrissy about how the story of Jackie and Lucy (=Jucy) came about.
Download: Jucy – Louise Alton

We host some amazing international film festivals in Adelaide – this week it’s the Mexican Film Festival at the Mercury Cinema.

Radio Adelaide breakfast presenter Tim Brunero asked Paulette Arvizuis, festival producer, about some of the highlights AND why some of these festivals are always ‘adults only’.

Download Show 1.38

“Romeo” by The Honey Pies
“Mellow Brick Road” by Pogo
“Going to the Casino” by Philadelphia Grand Jury, from Jucy (2010)
“Gunpowder” by Mapletons, from Jucy (2010)
Actor Turned Singer: Ryan Gosling with “Werewolf Heart” by Dead Man’s Bones
From the Vault: “Mouth” by Merril Bainbridge

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Show 1.32, “Bollywood & Beginners”

Anupam Sharma

A new reality TV show hopes to unearth a star in Australia who can dance and act in a Bollywood movie. But what could a star found in a foreign country contribute towards Indian cinema?

Anupam Sharma heads the judging team of Australia’s new talent search for the country’s biggest Bollywood Star on SBS TV. But unlike the X-Factor or Idol reality TV competitions, it doesn’t matter if the Bollywood star can’t sing.

Radio Adelaide’s breakfast presenter Tim Brunero speaks to Anupam about the upcoming auditions.



Chrissy interviews Behind the Screens very own Rebecca Elliott to discover what she’s been up to besides co-hosting the show. It turns out she’s been busy producing music videos, short films and doing the odd bit of running…

Download: Rebecca Elliott



Download:Show 1.32


“Bangarang” – Pogo
“O … Saya” – A.R.Rahman and M.I.A. from Slumdog Millionaire (2008)
“New Sunday” – Ride Into The Sun
“Toxic Love” – Tim Curry, from FernGully: The Last Rainforest (1992)

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