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Show 3.01, “The Agent Who Cast Me”

Katie and Gareth join Jordan and Finley

Katie & Gareth join Jordan & Finley

Some people say it’s rule number one, never work with children or animals! But perhaps kids deserve a bit more credit. In the lead up to Tropfest 2013 the Media Resource Centre has worked with a number of kids under 15-years-old creating films for Tropfest Junior.

Two films that came from their Tropfest Junior Bootcamp, How to Make a Horror Movie and Jumping Championships, have been shortlisted for the 2013 festival, along with Agora in the adult category.

Katie Powell and Gareth Wilkes from the Media Resource Centre joined us in the studio and gave us the low down on what went into preparing these films.

Download Interview: Katie Powell and Gareth Wilkes


Carina & Nick with Jordan & Finley

The film industry, and acting in general, can often be quite difficult to break into. There are so many big productions going on in South Australia at the moment but how do you get in on the action? Where do you start?

Agencies are in place to connect productions seeking actors or extras with people who suit the part, while also helping performers prepare for the challenges of the industry.

Carina Gun and Nick Buckland run the Adelaide Artists Agency, and they joined us on the show to talk about the important role that agencies play.

Download Interview: Carina Gun and Nick Buckland


And just like that, Behind The Screens is back for another year, so keep tuning in at 11am Saturdays on Radio Adelaide, on digital radio, online and 101.5fm, or on the podcast right here!

Download Show 3.01



It Feels Like I Only Go Backwards by Tame Impala
This Song Is Called Ragged by Jonathan Boulet
Broken Leg by Bluejuice
Fred Astaire by San Cisco
My Gun by The Rubens
Empty Hands by Art of Sleeping

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Show 2.05, “Tropfestivities”

Chrissy and I couldn’t host the show today because we were on the set of Dinner With Hugo, the short film Chrissy is producing. One half of our summer team, Owen, took the reins and did it in style!

Tropfest Jr is the Tropfest for kids 15 years and under. This year South Australia has our very own ambassadors in The Screenseekers, the bunch of youngsters behind “Juice Lords”, a short about juice bootlegging. Tallulah, Harper, Wahniki and Gina came into the studio for their very first radio interview. We ask them about sharing the work load and what it’s like being a Tropfest finalist.
(apologies for the audio quality. we’re blaming gremlins)
Download: Juice Lords

Thomas Cant decided to give animation a whirl after studying architecture at university. Apparently architecture isn’t the glamourous world that tv and movies make it out to be, sorry George. And what an introduction into a new industry. His very first animated short has made it to the Tropfest finalist shortlist. Clarence’s Kite is one of the films competing for the 16th spot in the Finals (with a capital F). You can vote at the Tropfest youtube page. We had a good chat about the strenuous process behind animation and the dangerous Survivor style world of filmmaking.
Download: Thomas Cant

Download Show 2.05

“Lovefool” – The Cardigans, from “Romeo + Juliet”
“Pure Shores” – All Saints, from “The Beach”
“Fear Of Flying” – Dan Sultan, from “twentysomething”
“First Born” – The Mood Club, from “Human Traffic”
“Lit Up” – The National
“Break On Through” – The Doors, from “The Doors”

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Show 2.02, “The League of Suburban Samurai”

Craig Behenna and David Ngo, the guys behind Tropfest film Suburban Samurai, step into the studio to talk to us about production. Priscilla Queen of the Desert director Stephan Elliott speaks to us about his new feature A Few Best Men, and Mark Knight chats about South Australian Screen Council.

A two sentence wrap up!

Craig Behenna and David Ngo

Download Show 2.02

“Jaam (Fresh Prince of Belair remix)” – Pogo
“Land Of The Bloody Unknown” – The Middle East
“Rock-a-bye Your Bear” – Spiderbait
“We Used To Vacation” – Cold War Kids
“Brand New Key” – Melanie, from A Few Best Men
“Track 1” – The Bearded Gypsy Band

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