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Show 2.26, “The Logger Is Dead”

The Logger Is Dead. What is the Logger? It’s how we record our programs to be able to provide these lovely podcasts for you. Unfortunately the logger was not working this morning. So we begin this post with a apology, from us, to you, that unless you heard the show live, you missed out on something quite awesome.

Weather by Lotte Sweeney

To make a film is always a massive undertaking, but imagine making a stop-motion animation while still at school! Thirteen-year-old Lotte Sweeney spent five hours, taking over 400 shots to make her short film “Weather“, about a man’s journey to the park that gets interrupted by the weather. She spoke to us about her film and what went into making it.

Lotte’s film aired as part of the Little Big Shots¬†International Film Festival, an annual event hosted by the Adelaide Festival Centre that is focussed on kids films. “Weather” was one of five films airing that was produced by South Australian filmmakers. Entries for the 2013 festival reopen in September and will close in December 2012.

Mirabelle (Lily Adey) and Otto (Roman Vaculik) in The King is Dead

Here at Behind the Screens Rolf de Heer’s film “The King is Dead” has been a focus for the last couple of weeks. The film is focussed on one man’s experiences with his neighbours, both good and bad. Roman Vaculik played the character of Otto in the film, one of King’s good neighbours. He spoke to us about the organic experience of being on set working with Rolf de Heer, as well as what it was like to star in the BankSA Crime Stoppers ad we’ve all seen on TV.

“The King is Dead” arrives in local cinemas this Thursday, July 19 2012, which happens to be the same day as Batman, but perhaps you should go see this one first! Two weeks ago Chrissy and Rebecca hosted a Q&A with director Rolf de Heer and actor Gary Waddell, about the film, and you can listen to a nice long cut of the session here, thanks to production extraordinaire Don Balaz who was there to record the whole thing!

Download: The King is Dead

And apologies again, but you can’t download our whole program, tune in¬†and/or check out the podcasts for next week’s show!


“What if Life Were More like Theatre” – Neil Patrick Harris
“This Song is Called Ragged” – Jonathan Boulet
“For My Help” – Hayden Calnin
“The King is Dead” – The Herd
“Don’t Ever Want to be Found” – The Rubens
“Golden” – White Arrows

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